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Appeal for Donation for Kidney Transplant of a 13 year old boy.My name is Bhupinder Singh, R/O- 8/495, Khichri pur , New Delhi (India). I am working as salesman in a private company in Okhala, New Delhi. I am drawing a meager salary.  My son, Dilpreet Singh, is 13 years old, bright student studying in class 8th, has been suffering from kidney ailment. He has only one kidney by birth and that too is shrunk and not functioning. His, Dilpreet Singh, “Creatnine” level has reached 8.86, against normal level of 0.50-1.00 in the blood. His current “Blood Urea” level is 168.00 against normal range of 10.00 to 38.00. Due to very high “Creatnine” and Blood Urea level, he needs immediate kidney transplant.However, the transplant is to be done from incompatible blood donor.  Reason being, my blood group matches with my son’s “A” Positive blood group but I have diabetes. So either my wife or any other family member can donate as incompatible kidney donor.  Tests are going on of my wife to know if she is fit as a donor to donate her kidney. The cost of incompatible kidney transplant is Rs.18 to 20 Lakhs. Also, after transplant, Rs. 20,000 to Rs, 30,000 per month are needed for medicines and injections so that the body can accept transplanted kidney. So the total cost of incompatible kidney transplant is roughly around 20 lakhs which is out of reach for a person like me who is earning a meager salary to meet day-to-day expenses only. I cannot afford the treatment cost as I have already exhausted all my savings on his on going treatment for the last 12 years. The transplant will be done at “Medanta Hospital”, Gurgaon, Haryana as it has expertise in Non-compatible donor Kidney Transplant. You are free to contact me and check authenticity of my son’s condition and facts mentioned here.I appeal all of you to donate generously for this noble and human cause.  I will always be indebted to people who donate to save life of my son.  Thanks and God Bless all of youBhupinder SinghPhone# 08527297925.                 


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