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 Well , My name is Gumat Ram Thakur;--------- the beneficiary of the fund. Born in17/03/1957 at R/O  Seri, Post Office  Jibhi  Tehsil Banjar 175123, Distt. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Seri is situated at 6500 feet from Sea Level swarmed with landscapes. Basically, I hailed from a very poor family. My father was a marginal farmer, was unable to provide me a Senior Secondary level education. So, I used to work in a quarry after school hours & helped my parents in fieldwork. We were a large family while it was difficult for my parents to rear & bear high expenses on our better education as we are 6 brothers.

And then, one day after school hours I was working in a quarry while all of a sudden some stone rolled down I had a narrow escape but still that stone struck my ear & nose affecting my ear & nose permanently. Anyway, I went to the nearby local hospital. The concerned doctor advised me that I shall have to undergo an operation. However, my father was unable to bear operation expenses. So, the disease lingered on. After qualifying Senior Secondary level exam, I joined Govt. Degree College, Kullu whereas I could not undergo an operation that was unavoidable resulting in loss of hearing & suffered from respiratory problems. However, after completing my graduate level Degree in April 1978 I had to face unemployment. I struggled very hard, ran from pillar to post in search of Govt. job but all in vain. And then, out of dejection, I left for New Delhi in search of a job in the Private sector. Anyway, I was able to get some underpaid job in some nice hotel. I worked there for one  year but   the scorching heat of New Delhi Sun was unbearable to me. So, I left this job after one year & came back to Himachal Pradesh, worked in some private hotel in local Hotel industry Manali but my salary was very meager. Hence, I could not undergo ear & nose operation. However, with the passage of time, my disease became severe. I cannot hear properly even today.

  Now in case, I receive help fund up to Rs 600000/- I will undergo the surgical operation of ear & nose immediately. Anyway, I am enclosing medical bills medical reports of my disease with estimated cost corroborated by a concerned doctor in Govt. Hospital Mohali, Chandigarh Pb. I  am writing this appeal because I am unable to bear said expenses on the surgical operation of my ear & nose while the concerned doctor has advised me to get it done immediately in order to avoid irreparable loss in future. Anyway, the donors may send financial help directly to my bank a/c here as I am enclosing banking details separately.   I shall be highly grateful to my donors to save my life. Thanks. Gumat Ram Thakur R/O Seri, P.O. Jibhi, Tehsil Banjar 175123 Distt. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh India

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