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Unfortunately, our son Master Rohith passed away at 23rd Jan 2018 at 10.15 pm. Rohith's lungs infected very badly, also couldn't recover from the Pneumonia Fever. Doctors did as much as possible but he couldn't tolerate the uncomfortable breathless, they put in ventilator for 100% oxygen, but he could not be saved. We are grateful to all the supporters who helped us in the time of need. Rohith we will never forget, you will be always in our heart. You are a very very strong boy. Because of At 2002 you born in the world. We were very happy At 2004 done the hypospadias 1st stage surgery. you bear it. At 2005 done the hypospadias 2nd stage surgery, it was failure, you bear it. At 2005 found stones deposited in both kidney At 2009 done the hypospadias 3rd stage surgery, it was failure, you bear it. At 2014 done the hypospadias 4th stage surgery, it was success. We were very happy. But your kidney functions were going down. At 2017 April your both kidney failure and Dialysis started at your thighs. At 2017 May done the surgery for Peritoneal Dialysis (one kind of dialysis which can do in home) At 2017 May you couldn’t walk due to Bilateral lower limp pain problem. You can’t bear it. At 2017 June we shifted to KMCH for better treatment, Doctors done the good job. You walk within 10 days, we were happy. They diagnosed you have one of the very dangerous life threading disease “PRIMARY HYPEROXLURIA”. Lever and Kidney should be transplant. You know it and support us very well. At 2017 June doctors started the dialysis 8 hours per day continually for a month without break. You bear it. At 2017 June you suffered a lot. Your Blood pressure raised, unbearable head ache and suffered as seizure, you went to unconscious. 3 days admitted in ICU and recovered. You bear it. At 2017 July your peritoneal dialysis tube was infected. Again we admitted and done the surgery for remove the tube. You bear it. At 2017 August a major liver transplant surgery done. After surgery within 3 days you sit on chair. No one can’t do like this. You bear it. At 2017 September you suffered unbearable stomach pain. Again you admitted at hospital for 3 days. You bear it. At 2017 October we went to Chennai twice for counselling the next kidney transplant. You manage it, because of transplant patient should not roaming outside. You bear it. At 2017 November kidney transplant should be done. But hospital management played with us. We continue the unnecessary dialysis. You bear it. At 2017 December also we continue the unnecessary dialysis. You bear it. At 2018 you suffered pneumonia fever and suffered a lot of respiratory problem. You asked food, fruits and water. But we can’t feed, because of you couldn’t manage without Non Invasive ventilator. If remove the NIV support your breath was going down immediately. Many people prayer for speedy recovery. Air deposited to your lungs, they put the tube at right side lungs for remove the air. Doctors said pneumonia fever will cure very slowly, may be it will take 2 to 3 weeks for cure and no guarantee, because of he was taking immune suppression for his new liver. Even you admitted in ICU, your dialysis also going on. Suddenly your dialysis catheter infected. Then temporary dialysis catheter tube inserted to your right side leg. After 2 days leg catheter tube also infected and leg swelled. We were panicked about his health condition and breathing problem. You asked to us ‘GIVE ME THE POISON. I CAN’T TOLEARTE THE PAIN” Also you ask to mom that “MOM YOU ALSO TAKE POISON. WE WILL LEAVE THE PAINFUL WORLD TOGETHER”. Our heart beat stopped when you asked poison, because you don’t WANT TO live with this unbearable pain. We know your pain and your sleepless nights. No one can’t bear the restless pain. The current medical treatment expenses destroyed our financial. However we managed the financial because of we need you. At 22nd January you told me “Daddy I couldn’t take breathes easily”. You are crying crying crying……. I can’t do nothing. Doctors advised to put ventilator for give the 100% oxygen, but no guarantee for his life. That’s why doctors avoid putting the ventilator. Even putting the ventilator the oxygen couldn’t feed sufficient. You went worst conditions. Afternoon put the ventilator and Doctors tried to best for you. But still you need more oxygen. All supportive medicines were going on. You didn’t feel the all pains and breathiness problem. Because of you were unconscious. Doctors were giving the updates. Your time was countdown. All of our efforts, prayers and financial failed at the time of 23rd January 2018 10. 15 pm. God called you and adapted you. You are not with us now. May be God knows your upcoming life will be very painful. So God don’t want to see the painful life. So he adapted to you. Now you are in heaven. In heaven you don’t need painful surgeries, countless medicines, no more injections, any more follow ups and no medical tortures. But we are in hell. Because of you left us. We don’t know when we will meet in heaven. You managed 22 days in ICU without ventilator. Doctors certified to you no one can’t manage like you. But you are not hear for listen their words. Pl forgives us. We can’t save you. You are always in our heart.
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Dear friends

I am suresh from Madurai Tamil Nadu India. My son Rohith age 14 years having problems with the Liver and Kidney. His both kidney failure (CKD) due to stones deposit continuous in both kidney. Also his liver produce very huge amount of oxalates amount 132. Norm is only 2. Now he is under going to dialysis for reduce the oxalates. Now he suffered from both pair muscle calf pain, which is unbearable. He can't stand, sit & walk. The possibility of oxalate vasculitis was considered. We are taking treatment for the pair muscle also. Now my son is admitted at KOVAI MEDICAL CENTER AND HOSPITAL at coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Doctors advised as liver and kidney to be transplant,  also take treatment for calf muscle pain. The treatment will be take for 3 to 4 months. We have to stay here upto the treatment period. The cost around 30, 00,000 Rupees. We are taking treatment since 2007 for the same. Now we don't have the huge amount for this treatment. I need a help from you for better treatment and save his life. I hope you people will help and make a better life to my son. His school education has stopped for the treatment. I am thanks to also. 

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