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Dear all,

           When the things are going smooth, previous month Rohith suffered by head ache, vomiting, seizure and high blood pressure during dialysis. We again admitted Rohith in ICU for 3 days. Doctor Managala Kumar given the right treatment and clear his problems. He was taking medicines for all. We tried to get the approval from TN govt for liver transplant as soon as fast. After same days later he got infection on his peritoneal dialysis tube. Doctors advised to remove the tube immediately. Otherwise liver transplant will be critical.  So again we admitted on hospital and remove the tube. Our medical expenditure is going high. We were waiting get approval from TN govt. Also Rohith was facing too much problems during dialysis.

           Finally govt given the approval for liver transplant and the date was fixed 25th August. We are very happy to hear the good news. Also the selected day is GANESH CHATURTHI. The liver transplant has taken 12 hours for both. Operation started at 8.00 am and finished at 8.00 pm. They shifted both to ICU. Thank god and doctors. All is well. Doctors done the operation successfully. 2 days after mother shifted to normal ward. 4 days after Rohith sifted to mini ICU ward. Both are fine. Mother will be discharged earlier. Rohith may be discharged after one week.

           We thanks to all for give the donation Rohits liver transplant. We never forget your precious help. The liver will regenerate within 6 to 8 weeks. After both of them recovered from the liver transplant, Doctors will do the kidney transplant. Again we have to get the approval from TN govt for kidney transplant. After give the approval from TN govt, we start the kidney transplant.

           I hat off Rohith’s mother. She agreed to donate his liver and kidney. Always MOM IS MOM. She agreed to donate her both organs to Rohith. She gives his life and organs. Only mom can do this one. Upto kidney transplant we have to stay here. may be January 2018 the treatment will be completed and we leave the place.  Almost our fund finished during the liver transplant.  Pl don’t forget to share the links to your friends and relatives for kidney transplant expenses. We have to start for kidney Transplant fund. 


Suresh & Family.  

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Dear friends

I am suresh from Madurai Tamil Nadu India. My son Rohith age 14 years having problems with the Liver and Kidney. His both kidney failure (CKD) due to stones deposit continuous in both kidney. Also his liver produce very huge amount of oxalates amount 132. Norm is only 2. Now he is under going to dialysis for reduce the oxalates. Now he suffered from both pair muscle calf pain, which is unbearable. He can't stand, sit & walk. The possibility of oxalate vasculitis was considered. We are taking treatment for the pair muscle also. Now my son is admitted at KOVAI MEDICAL CENTER AND HOSPITAL at coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Doctors advised as liver and kidney to be transplant,  also take treatment for calf muscle pain. The treatment will be take for 3 to 4 months. We have to stay here upto the treatment period. The cost around 30, 00,000 Rupees. We are taking treatment since 2007 for the same. Now we don't have the huge amount for this treatment. I need a help from you for better treatment and save his life. I hope you people will help and make a better life to my son. His school education has stopped for the treatment. I am thanks to also. 

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