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My name is Asha and I am raising funds for FSL-India which is working towards the conservation of Sea Turtles. Karnataka is the habitat of the Olive Ridley and Green Sea Turtles, which reproduce every year during the period September-February and lay their eggs on the sand of beaches, along the coast. Due to natural predators, depredations by the local fisherman (who prize turtle eggs as a delicacy), the rising pollution of the oceans and beaches, infrastructure development activities near the beach area, i.e. new roads, harbour development, street lights and deep sea fishing, the number of turtles which return to this area is diminishing. In fact, the sea turtle population has decreased at such an alarming rate that they are almost extinct and have been classified as an endangered species by the World Wildlife Fund.

For Sea Turtle conservation, FSL-India operates along the coast of Kundapur for an area of 60 kms, starting from Sastana Kodi Kanyana to Shirur Dombe. Every 5 kms, one contact person has been identified to alert the authorities of the Forest Department whenever turtle eggs are laid on these beaches. FSL-India creates awareness continuously for the fishermen community and schoolchildren regarding conservation of the Sea Turtle, through puppet shows, murals, beach work, and clean-up activities. Puppet shows and mural paintings are conducted at more than 50 schools during the season. Each year, 1 Turtle Information Centre is built every 5 kms along the beach, to provide information to the local communities.

Through contact persons, with the help of the Forest Department, the eggs are safely placed for hatching by building a hatchery on the beach, under protected conditions. In addition, wounded turtles stranded on the beach are rescued and handed over to the Forest Department for medical treatment and released back into the ocean.

We have, in the past 10 years, rescued more than 500 wounded turtles and built more than 200 hatcheries. More than 15000 eggs were rescued and the baby turtles released into the ocean. The Marawanthe Turtle Conservation Committee has been formed involving fishermen and the Forest Department, for sustainable management of the project.

 We need Rs 1000000 (Rs Ten Lakhs) to conduct the activities mentioned above. Kindly support our cause by donating and sharing our fundraiser.

Here's how the funds will be utilised:

Item  DescriptionQtyRateAmount
Training for contact persons 22500050000
Educational material on STC for schoolchildren504000200000
ConductIng annual events for mass awareness1 200000
Organising beach cleanup250000100000
Building hatcheries10500050000
Monthly honorarium for contact persons X 6 months125000360000
Communication material  40000
Total  1000000

We are grateful for your help!

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