Help for Heart transplant for Pradeep Adkine

By Rajhans Madke

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All of my brothers, 

Your 1998 agricultural batch's brother Pradeep Arki is presently in Sahyadri Hospital in Pune. Pradeep has been diagnosed with a rare heart condition. On 24th September, we tried to do surgery in Pune but because of the scope of the disease was very large, all the doctors told us to do a major surgery of heart transplant. Pradip's father-in-law, Dr. Vaidya came in contact with Vaidya. The hospital has shown preparations for the surgery of Pradeep's Heart Transplant. Pradeep will be able to shift to Chennai in the coming week, after Pradeep stabilized. The cost of Pradeep's surgery is bigger than that of Rs 50 lakh. It is a matter of great importance to mobilize such a huge amount to their families. One of your friends and family has been found to be in crisis. Pradeep's surveying news is that every person is making an effort to help the people in the public and they are doing financial help. All the officers of Mumbai Pune, Aurangabad, Latur, Nanded in the administration are trying their best to set up financial assistance through various means. Our strong hold-up 2007 - 2008 has been sent to the bilateral and territorial help. Friends, your batch of 1998 was 200 students. But through our group we have just reached 100 brothers. Therefore, I think the amount of money collected by your batch is very low. In fact, the responsibility of your 1998 batch is highest. I think a batch of Rs 100 lakh should be raised in 1998 and Rs 10 lakh should be raised. Everybody should take away their contribution for that. Pradeep's operation has a very short period of time left.

All have joined hands and have requested that as much financially as possible help you. Also, contact the Donation Center, the institution of your city, for financial help. We are a church that gives life to you because you can not get rid of money. Help your friend find a cranky and tell his family that you are with you. It is a humble request to help you fill the account number below.

Vijaya Pradeep Adkine

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For heart transplant for my friend Pradeep Adkine

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