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By Dr Anil Kumar Vedwal

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I would like to introduce Yog Dhyan Foundation (YDF), a registered Indian Trust founded in 1985. We have all the mandatory documents including FCRA certificate. Through 30 years of its work, YDF has specially focused on working with children with Type 1 Diabetes belonging to the economically and socially marginalised groups. Type 1 diabetes means the young child needs, every day, lifelong, 4-5 blood glucose (BG) tests and 3-4 injections of insulin. Every day, lifelong. This means a lot of pain for the child, discomfort and expense for the entire family. Neglecting this care results in more complications, poor quality of life, and even death. Understandably, the impact of the disease becomes more profound in the households with limited resources, unable to afford this expense, so care and control of the disease become a far cry.


Yog Dhyan Foundation's team visits designated hospitals at intervals to get referrals of children with Type 1 Diabetes from the doctors. Once the children are identified with T1D, we talk to the family members to analyse the various problems faced by them in handling the child. We have observed over the years that most of the families face a financial crunch to purchase insulin, syringes, BG strips, and other tests which must be done on a regular basis. They also need proper nutritious diet.

The Foundation arranges funds from different sources and gives to each family, not only a glucometer, but also 50-100 BG test strips every month. We also arrange interaction with other children with diabetes and their parents. These parents and children have been trained by specialists about handling insulin, using the glucometer monitoring results effectively, preventing acute complications like low BG and very high BG. The newly diagnosed families are very receptive to them as they can identify with them. The Foundation also holds free weekly Yoga classes for the entire family, which helps them understand the positive impact of exercise on the BG directly, and focuses on stress reduction in addition. The Yoga classes provide a platform for the children and families to meet each other and share their joys, sorrows and resources. Direct financial support is given to the very poor families to help them provide nutritious food and cover additional expenses imposed by diabetes. Families who are not poor benefit by getting BG strips at wholesale cost price, and meeting others with the same problem.

We are able to do all this with hardly any overhead or organization costs, since we work with volunteers, and the venue for the Yoga classes is also available to us free of cost. Thus your money works harder in providing help to those who actually need it.

We seek your donations for this noble cause. We have the necessary certificates, to enable you to claim tax benefits: 80G and 12A Certificate; PAN, and FCRA Registration.

A small help from you can create a huge difference in someone's life.

We are grateful for your Help!


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