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I am Farida Rizwan. I have survived 3rd stage breast for 23 years. I intend to celebrate my 25th survival anniversary with the success of my project and concept of inclusive education for special needs children. I have overcome a lot of odds in my life like, being born with club foot, 3rd stage breast cancer, bringing up a daughter with CP and MR facing the challenges on my own, but now I need help to realize my dream. Even though faced with hurdles, I live my life to fullest and chase dreams. One of my dreams is to run a school where children will be happy while they are learning. I am a passionate educationist who believes in freedom for toddlers where they can touch, feel and do things rather than learn from books. A topper in my school, I started teaching fellow students when I was in 5th grade. Since then, teaching has been my passion.

I always nurtured a dream of someday having a school of my own. When I went through 3rd stage cancer when breast feeding my 11 month old daughter who was diagnosed with special needs, for a moment I felt none of my dreams will ever come true. But, my drive to be there for my children and not give up on life before I achieve something helped me fight cancer hard. Today, I have survived without any evidence of disease for 22 years. My special needs daughter did not qualify to attend any regular school but is now able to type messages in English and communicate with her friends, though the sentences are not grammatically accurate. Seeing how children respond to creative and active teaching, I wanted to make this available to more children. I did not want this blessing to be mine alone.

My dream of starting a preschool came true when a found a place suitable for my needs within my budget. Here I planned of catering to the needs of the working mothers by providing daycare service for their infants and children at nominal cost. I have created a perfect set up for pre-schoolers under Montessori system of for children in age group 2-6 years. At present I have 6 children under Montessori School of which one is with Downs Syndrome, one under discount fee and one under the free education scheme. 7 children are enrolled for day care. Seeing the progress, I have taken another child with special needs who is at present under going training before being introduced to Montessori education. I have made investment in procuring a premises on rental basis and setting up few of the infrastructure at the centre within my budget. But, I know I have a far way to go to make this a working centre since parents are attracted to the visual set up of a place more than the core value in the initial stage.

I want to save my venture from ending up as a business centre without any contribution to the society. My goal is to have integrated centre for children with challenge as well, especially from the surrounding area.

It would be very helpful if I can receive partial aid to set up the centre that would be catering to needs I have mentioned above. I request your help in making this a full-fledged child care centre which will reach out to those people in need.

I invested more than 11,00,000 INR in my project yet our walls are old and dull. They need painting and few murals to give it the look of a place where children enjoy their time. There is also demand for van facility and some more furniture, play equipment, books, and other facilities for students.

Many parents with special needs children have approached me for help for their children, but without proper facilities I am unable to contribute anything to them.

At present the income coming in is not enough to help me manage the expenses even if I work here 12 hours without pay. I am running out of funds to keep this going. My goal is to have integrated centre for children with challenge as well, especially from the surrounding area. 

My future plan is use the worksheets, books and curriculum I have developed so far as a product for sale in online market. I am working towards creating flashcards, social stories, Montessori stories and rhymes for children as well. Some of them have come out beautifully so far. Once we make profit, a part of it will be utilized to provide facilities for children with special needs and those who cannot afford to pay pre-school fees. But we need to establish ourselves before we do that. 

Let no smile be stolen. 

The requirement for the development of ‘My Giggle Garden’ would be approximately 7-8 Lakh.

Even though I work hard to give quality education and life skills to my students, it is not easy for me stand up against the flashy new schools just through my dedication and genuine effort to create happy environment for children.

Kindly help me to keep growing smiles in ‘My Giggle Garden’ which has been my dream forever. This is also going to be a source of sustenance for my special needs daughter for her future without being financially dependent on others.  

Seeing the progress of my daughter after being told that she may never be able to see, walk or talk, I wish to help other parents also make the same progress with their children. Let the blessing not be mine alone. Let every child smile as they learn.

Thank you.


Farida Rizwan

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