Earn Luxuries.. into Life.

By Ambrish Tyagi

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Graduating and Post-graduating for a boy coming from a small town could be a big achievement.

All our achievements in life stop at a point when it comes to quality of living. Too much modernization has covered our living, our life-styles; like a cancer. We are unable to live beyond the Hospital bed where finally our life ends.


Here, I wish to bring true luxuries into our lives.


A life, where there is no place for the man-made medicines that have been poisoning our veins for generations.

A destination where Education, Science and Knowledge mean a lot to our-self, to our family and our society.

Live in the Nature. Live withthe Nature. Live by the Nature.


Imagine, a Rock or a bunch of flowers or some birds as your tenants; who don’t even pay you any rent. A glass of milk or fresh-lime; freshly obtained at your doorstep. Peacocks dancing in the morning or in the evening in your kitchen garden while you are about to start your office work.
I am sure this kind of environs are going to add a lot to one’s energy levels.


Have you ever imagined an energy drink filled with the powers of the Sun.

Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron energised by the precious minerals (such as, Dimond, Ruby, Emerald minerals) through the light and priceless energy of Sun.

This may keep you going beyond100 years of age without a pill or a drop of medicine.


Imagine lying in the fever for a week for no reason; or, the painful Chemo that sends a Shiver or a Chill to your spine.

Yes. We may live our lives beyond these fearsome words. At no extra cost.


I am not asking you to live a sage’s life.

I am not even asking you to change your life style.

I am only asking for a change of place.

A place where you don’t have to remember God or have to pray.

You live with the God. Your actions are your prayers.

And, above all; your faith in yourself will be your religion.

Share life with the living beings around us. Be they humans or aliens like Dogs, Pigs or Cows.

Simply, follow your dreams.


Funds sought by me are to create this Paradise; will be refunded in full, with a reasonable interest.

Ultra-modern extra-spacious living places shall be created with better than the best quality of materials.

A fine blend of modern living and the Nature.


70% of the profits earned will be utilized only on WELFARE. Welfare of the humans (only those living around us), Animals, Birds and Environment.


I am not looking for Big Talkers.

I am looking for investors who may trust me with eyes closed. That's it. I will always respect you for that.


I invite you to be part of a new world.

I am not trying to create some Cult.

Only self discipline.

Work while you work. Play while you play. That is the way to be Happy and Gay.


Let us create an example; a Life; where people really LIVE and RESPECT. And, never beg.


We rule the Earth for a better World.



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