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My name is Dinesh Singh. I live in Kishangarh. I am a cardiac patient. I cannot play with anyone. I have to sit while playing and start complaining restlessness on doing so. On some occasions my eyes turn red while my nails turn blue and lips turn black.I go to school and sit  once or twice on my return home. Sometimes I return late.

Dinesh's father "He ask me to arrange for his treatment on witnessing the other child as he expresses his wish to play with other children We used to  feel effaced on looking  at him every ‘now & then, but I don’t have other option left with me. I don’t have funds to go for his treatment. My income is meagre. I earn merely Rs. 250 – Rs. 300/- through which I meet my household expenses. I am unable to save anything out of it. I have four children."

Dinesh mother "We have been advised for surgery. We have been repeatedly advised for the same for last 2 to 3 years. I don’t have funds. We have borrowed some amount as debt. They got him examined and advised for the surgery. The doctor has assumed the treatment expense to be as Rs. One Lakh & Sixty Five Thousand.  I fail to understand as to how to arrange for funds. I am a poor person. My son can neither nor can he jump or wander in the market with other children. I want to watch my son play with my younger son. I feel very dejected on witnessing my son. Mother of  other  children work as bodily labourers for their (children) sake .They  save the  amount  earned by their children . How to collect the huge fund is a big question for me. I am a maimed person.  I am like a bodily labor. I request you with folded hands. I don’t have enough funds to go for his treatment. Please help ."

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