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This is DINESH. J. NAIDU, I am fifty years old, I am coming from a very prominent family of hotel background, my family had a legendary hotel by the name Naidu’s military hotel, It was started by my late Grand Father Veera Swamy Naidu in 1937, and this hotel which was in balepet Bangalore which was one of the crowded places at that time. Oldest hotel serving traditional non- veg cuisine of Naidu’s, This hotel was famous for kaal soup with Dosa ( lamb leg soup with Dosa) Served the famous Naidu’s Donne Biriyani ( Mutton / Chicken) served in

plantain leaf. Head curry, liver fry, mutton chops, Boti fry, Keema Ball curry, Brain fry, Chettinadu chicken, pepper chicken etc. Are the other items served in this hotel.

 It was the most crowded hotel serving political dignitaries, film industry, Business men, merchants from Tamil Nadu and all over South India. Both gold and silver smiths frequented this legendary hotel, this hotel was passed on to the second son late B.V. Janakiram Naidu then it was known as Naidu’s bar and restaurant. After the property settlement in 1957 after adding the Bar, my father is the Younger brother of Dr. DEENABANDU V.R.Naidu.

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 The Jala halli wine store is still active, I am the last child of Six children of my father and the third son and the youngest due to family dispute this legendary hotel which served all the prominent people of Bangalore now Bengaluru was dissolved in 1998, from then on my life Journey began with my first eldest daughter and my wife, We left Bangalore to start our new life with the meager amount and the only amount that I got from the settlement was only Three lakhs Twenty Thousand, I started many small eateries and worked in many hotels and resorts, gave my Ideas, concepts and worked very hard all my life till today doing I.T. caterings, running hotels in partnership, saw ups and downs in my life, saw success and failure as well, whatever I earned was not enough for my family.

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 It was hand to mouth, till now I sailed, I even got humiliated working in well established three star hotels and resorts I saw ungratefulness in the places that I worked, and the projects I executed. My only dream is to re start the lost legendary hotel with its famous since 1937 logo, and there is a great demand for traditional cuisine of Naidu’s special, many old customers who frequented regularly our hotel miss this food even today, our hotel used original and traditional Masala’s and recipes which was using natural herbs & spices to bring the original traditional taste , it is our secret recipe treasured. This modern days fast food and fast life, all our old customer remember the golden food of Naidu’s and the golden era, If my Grand Father’s soul and my father’s soul has to

rest in peace I have to restart this lost name. Which served more than sixty one years in Bangalore, I want to leave a land mark and my family should continue this hotel, everywhere I started hotels I used this logo since 1937, I do not want this logo to fade away, But I want to revive again. Legendary heirs of great names know and can understand what I am going through, having lost this great name, Though I was against selling this hotel, I was not part of allowing it to dissolve, It was my brothers who were part of this hence I request to help me restart this traditional name and logo since 1937. My request for crowd funding to fund me to restart and

help this venture to revive again. My gratitude will be there to all crowd funding members who come forward to help me restart through impact guru crowd funding.

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