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Greetings, My name is Arvind Samuel and I am raising funds for Deliverance Outreach Ministries DOM. Society of Deliverance Outreach Ministries DOM registered in November 2000 as non profitable organization with the mission to reach out and minister the suffering humanity and delivers them from illiteracy, unhealthy ness and poor status as well as makes them stand to build their dignity and self respect.

For sustainable social change, we are committed to HELP and SUPPORT the suffering humanity by crossing all barriers of cast, culture and creed.

IN ADDITION as program HELP, we are working towards the HELP, Health Education Livelihood and Protection for rural and urban slums children of Bundelkhand, central India, among these children there are more than 75% of girl child, because the poor status community in Bundelkhand living below poverty line are not able to take care of their children, more over they are not at all concern for their daughters and makes them work or put responsibilities on their small, weak and immature shoulders of day to day homely duties, makes them work in farms, to take care of their cattle's, lets them work along for daily needs, etc.

Bundelkhand related, brief  

Bundelkhand is a geographic region of central India, which is divided between the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Bundelkhand has a total population of around 18 million, out of which approx 14 million of the population lives in rural area.

As Maharashtra continues to struggle with drought, Bundelkhand of central India, which has been hit by three droughts in successive years, is staring at an acute famine with widespread crop loss, scarcity of drinking water and poor nutrition. This situation, however, is not new. Bundelkhand has struggled with extreme weather in the past few years. Drought, hailstorms, unseasonal rainfall and most recently an unusually warm winter have played havoc with crop yields, making farming unviable for many. Unemployment has soared, and locals are leaving the rural belt to work as unskilled labour in nearby urban areas. Financial assistance provided by the authorities has failed to achieve much on the ground, as it is far lower than farmers' losses.

This situation has forced people to adopt roti (chapatti)-salt as staple food

The situation has worsened to such an extent that people in the famine-hit district are dependent on roti (chapatti) and salt for their survival. With no income at all, pulses and vegetables are out of the reach, and they are struggling to get the basic necessities for survival. The impact on the region, especially the poor, has been acute. From three meals a day, they are down to two. The quality of food has plummeted; the recourse to rotis of grass is an indication that they have reached the bottom of their food stocks.

Not all are choosing to live this way. An average of two farmers are committing suicide per day

More than 3,200 farmers in Bundelkhand alone have killed themselves in the last five years over crop losses and worries over debt, according to official records.

  • We are at present taking care of 100 children of rural and urban slum area and need Rs. 735750 amount for (HELP) Health (1): health checkups’, counselling’s and teaching to maintain hygiene, provides life-saving/general health care and nutrition, escorts to hospitals and hospitalization, Education (2): to send them to school, lets them, free day to day education assistance after school, school fee, school bag, books, uniform, Livelihood (3): for a proper place or shade to study, table, chair, lamps etc. Protection (4): time to time training and teachings on following issues, Anti-bullying awareness, Cyber bullying, Peer mentoring, Extremism and radicalization awareness for pupils and their parents.

Here's how the funds will be utilised (quick break up of funds).


HELP,  Heads
 Approx expense for 100 children in a year                        
Health- Rs 100 each x 12months = 1200 x 100 children=
Education- Aprox one time for school admission fee, bag, books and uniform 1200 x 100 =
Aprox school tuition fee Rs 300 each x 12 months 3600 x 100 children                              =
Livelihood- some may need stuffs some may not aprox evg. one time Rs 500 x 100 =
Protection- training or teaching sessions from experts, experts travel & fee, tee, snacks, for gust and participants, two sessions in a year for five HELP centers 2500 x 2 =5000 x 5 =
Administrative exp. 8%
Miscellaneous  1%

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This above is our small efforts, until today dated 23.10.2017 we didn’t got any fund from any donor, somehow we are spending in it from our own savings, but now we seriously need gracious and respective donors like you, to HELP, (Health Education Livelihood and Protection) and Support us to reach out serve and minister the neediest child of Bundelkhand central India.

We are very much grateful for your kind concern to this region of Bundelkhand in need.                        Hope to hear soon from you.

Thank You so much



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