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Dazzlingstone Home for children needs:


1- Food materials like rice,wheat,dhal,oil,sugar,vegitables,meat,fish,provisions,fire woods etc.

2- Soaps for washing cloths&pathing,tooth pastes,tooth powder,face powder,sampoo,penoil,acid,bleeching powder,etc.

3-School items like bag,note books,text books,school fees,pen,pencil,shoes,uniform etc.

4-Manuel water bumbwith labours-4 noes(1000 Euros)

5-Electric bumps with labour-2 noes (1000 Euros)

6-Alo blocks,bricks,Doors,windows,etc

7- cement,iron rods,sand,construction labour,etc.

8- Electrical wires,materials,etc  and labour.


10- Commercial washing mechine.


12- Staff salary

13- Inverter

14- Solar lights,etc.

15- Auto rickshaw


Struggling to pen down a fundraiser story on your own? No worries, just use the template below:


My name is DEVADHAS and I am raising funds for Dazzlingstone Home for Children which is working towards the rehabilitation and education of street children,we are giving free food,free education,free accommodation,free medical,free cloths,etc to all children. We are at present run a free school for the one hundred orphan ,  street children and poor village children and need IRS 1,50000 amount to run the free school  and orphanage.We spend the money for the salary of the teachers,staff,children cloths,children study materials,children food,children medical,etc. Kindly support our cause by donating and sharing our fundraiser.

Here's how the funds will be utilised for  children healthy food,uniforms,text notes,text books,school bags,pen,pencil,etc, ordinary cloths,medicals and need money for the building unfinished works and new extensions .

We are grateful for your help!

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