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My name is Deva.we run dazzling stone orphanage more than 20 years.we are giving free healthy food good education good accomodation medical and everything free to all.lot of children improved their life and working in good places and got married and got children and living a happy life.our aim is to improve the children living and got bright better future to all children.We run a nursery school also, we are not collecting any donation, no fees, no van charge, we supplied textbooks, text notes also free to all.But we have no permanent helpers, we need sponsors for the free English school.We need sponsors for the orphanage also.We have all Government certificates, such as FCRA,12a, 80G, Government recognition certificate, etc. In india or out side india we have no permanant helpers.We need an agency or association or groups to sponsor our orphanage or school.We need building construction also.We need healthy food for the children.Please help us.God only help us.We and children are praying.If you are willing please help us through IMPACTGURU website at least Rs.500/- or more. 



Important Needs:

1.    IRS10  or above helpers per month or year.

2.    Old clothes, old things, computer parts, printer, etc  

3.    Food materials, milk powder 

4.    Medicines   

5.    Gifts for festivals      

6.    Please give one time meals or full day meals to the orphan children for your Birthdays, Wedding days, Anniversary and Special days

7. One time meal       -veg:    4000/             - Non-Veg- 6000,

    Full day          –Veg- 10,000/    - Non-Veg-15000/-.  

8.    Helpers, donors, volunteers and sponsors   

9.    Children school Textbooks.

10.  Children school Uniform.

11.  Children new clothes.

Dazzlingstone Home for children needs:


1- Food materials like rice,wheat,dal,oil,sugar,vegetables,meat,fish,provisions,fire woods etc.

2- Soaps for washing cloths&pathing,toothpastes,tooth powder,face powder,shampoo,pencil,bleaching powder,etc.

3-School items like bag,notebooks,textbooks,school fees,pen,pencil,shoes,uniform etc.

4-Manuel water bump

5-Electric bumps 

6-Alo bricks, bricks, Doors, windows, etc

7- filling Sand, sand for construction,cement,iron rods,construction, paints  labour,etc.

8- Electrical wires, materials, etc and labour.


10- Solar lights, etc.

11- Children Van

12- Autorickshaw

13-Computers, Television

14-Bed sheets, beds , pillows and covers, mosquito nets.


           Our emergency needs are filling sand,sand for construction, cement,bricks ,children van and food materials

 We also need the follow items for soap, toothpaste, and bath items for one month.

1- washing soap (125gms ) -

2 - Body soap    (100 gms)

3- Washing powder(1kilo) -

4- Sampoo 1packet -

5 - VVDcoconut oil ( 200 ml)-

6-Bleeching powder 1packet -

7 -Phenoil ( for sterlizing)     -

8 - Acid    (bath floor washing)-

9 - Tooth paste(100gms) -

10 - Tooth brush -

11 - Face powder     -    50grams

we need 1 washing soap for 10 children,1 soap for 5staff /DAY  Total(10x1 +2X1) x30 =  360

1 body soap for 25 children &1soap for 10 staff /day            

 need 400 packets sampoo(weekly twodays)                          

 need 400 ml coconut oil /day for all                                        

 need 2 packets Bleeching powder/day                                                

  need 1phenoil bottle /day                                                                            

  need acid 1/2 bottle/day                                                         

 need 300 gmsTooth paste/day                                                 

  need tooth brush 110 numbers/month

ned 50 grams Face powder /day                                              

need 600grams baby powder/month                                         

Washing brushes,Eye pro,creams,body spraies,bath towels,napkins and etc also needed. 


You are always welcome to our orphanage. Kindly visit our orphanage whenever time permits.We and children are praying.

With love,

J.Deva Dhas- President,

Dazzlingstone Home for Children.

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