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Mood Indigo IIT Bombay, in collaboration with Fitizen India, is proud to announce the IIT Bombay Half Marathon [IITBHM], a first of its kind initiative held by the institute. The run gives a chance to all the regular runners and fitness enthusiasts to run through the serene beauty and quiet of the 550-acre campus of IIT Bombay.

The marathon is scheduled for November 26, 2017, An enthralling run - either 5 Km, 10 Km or 21 Km, depending on your choice - awaits you!
But this time, run to make a change. Run to raise awareness about stem cells donation and register with DATRI to save a life in the future. Run for a better tomorrow and green tomorrow.

Every year, thousands of children die due to fatal blood disorders like Blood Cancer & Thalassemia. Seemingly without a cure, these diseases have been ruining lives for decades.


BUT, there is a cure… Blood Stem Cells Transplant - these are the mother cells which can be donated by a healthy person. But one has to be a perfect match to be able to save a life.

Please donate generously to help save the lives of children with blood disorders like cancer

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‘YOU’ can help us save lives…. HOW?

Registering as a donor is a simple, 2-minute procedure - all it takes is two cheek swabs. These swabs are then typed and the HLA results are stored in DATRI’s database. 

Higher the number of registered willing Blood Stem Cell Donors from varied ethnic backgrounds, higher the chances of a patient finding a match.

Any healthy person in the age group of 18-50 can register as a potential blood stem cell donor with DATRI.

You could be a perfect match to a patient at any time in your life till the age of 60 and donate your blood stem cells and thus help save a life by clicking on the DONATE button given.

5 year old  Nia Fatima is waiting for Blood Stem Cell Transplant and we at DATRI are working towards saving lives of children like Nia. 

A short animation on blood stem cell /bone marrow donation  process.

Donor- Naval Chaudary meets his Recipient-Fateh Singh for the first time.

About DATRI 

DATRI is India’s largest adult unrelated Blood Stem Cell Donor’s registry. Founded in 2009, DATRI today has more than 2,82,000 registered voluntary donors and has facilitated 301 Blood Stem Cell donations including 35 donations for international patients.

This Chennai not-for-profit organization was started by Mr Raghu Rajagopal along with Dr Nezih Cereb and Dr Soo Young Yang, with a vision to help every patient seeking a Blood Stem Cell Donor find a healthy, willing and genetically matched donor. DATRI is registered with Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide and is a member of World Marrow Donors Association (WMDA)


We are grateful for your help!

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