BABYDUINO: Shrinkify Your Arduino Projects!

By Darshil Patel

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Hello, I am Inventor, Tinkerer and Innovator funding For my new Invention BABYDUINO. BABYDUINO is the shrinkified version Of Arduino UNO. This Version is powerful and multitasking too. The BABYDUINO! is an open source, Arduino IDE compatible hardware project, that uses the ATtiny13 A.  Port your smaller Arduino projects to a cost-effective platform with ease. 

I hope You Will help me For making me Entrepreneur. 

Short Summary

Arduino Is Extremely Useful and powerful Development Board. Suppose You Just want to interface RGB LED, or just LED using a button, then just use Babyduino for prototyping this small systems taking least space. Suppose You are making multitasking robot then there is always small space for prototyping. This Board can be used for controlling Motors Or LEDs. Some Specifications are mentioned Below:

  • Open Source Hardware!
  • Use with standard Arduino IDE or AVR Studio
  • Allows FULL use of the 8K memory on the chip (no bootloader needed!)
  • All pins broken out for use.
  • Reset button on board
  • Easy to assemble due to through hole construction
  • Easy to replace chip.
  • Also easy to take your programmed chip and put it in a final more permanent project.
  • Small and Inexpensive Design.


BABYDUNO is Compatible With Arduino IDE.

We shall use Arduino UNO as USB tO TTL Converter and Upload Program using Arduino As ISP.


Arduino                               BABYDUINO

D10                                        Reset

D11                                         PB0

D12                                        PB1

D13                                        PB2

GND                                      GND

3V3                                       VCC

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