Help clear a Muslim man's debts by sponsoring his entitled family members for performing Hajj ritual

By Saliha Mariyam

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We have created this fund raiser to clear a Muslim man's debt which is mandatory in Islam to repay to those who lent.

The amount of debt is worth 9.8 Lakhs. This man has no good educational qualification to get a good salary job as he comes from a poor background and used to work hard in his childhood too to support his hungry mother. He currently owns a small restaurant and gets a partnership share of only about 10K per month which is not sufficient to cover the debts even slowly when he has two children to spend and his wife is expecting the third. How short life is to atleast clear the debt faster!

His old mother wants to perform Hajj so she wants her 3.5 Lakhs which he borrowed for depositing in house loan so that he does not have to pay its interests. This small house which was jointly built by this man, his parents, his sister and her husband, cannot be sold to clear one person's debt problem.

The remaining 6.3 Lakhs was borrowed from his wife's father for doing a mobile shop business in KSA which later unfortunately turned to be a lose due to inability to pay large rent and Saudi problems. His father-in-law has passed away about three years ago and now he owe to five heirs.

Since his mother does not have rich male Mahram to perform Hajj with her, she would deputize it to her daughter-in-law who would have went to Hajj along with her brother. Infact, his wife who happens to be this daughter-in-law and her brother require his owed money to cover the expenses for their Hajj.

We believe that Hajj is not obligatory for poor. The person who are planning to go has wealth somehow above nisaab such as through the possession of gold ornaments but limited in bank due to recent demonetization in India.

As for those who think why we have not sold our gold, we are planning on selling at times. But since this husband's wife is a Cochlear Implant patient, expenses for replacement of her devices due to wear and tear are expensive too.

Your heart kindly help from a small donations, charity to fellow Muslim and Zakat are highly appreciated. This will be used to clear his debt. It can also be assumed that you sponsored someone to do Hajj and helped needy. Also do not forget to share this to social sites.

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