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Hello my name is ChunaRam Choudharay aplastic anemia Cancer patients am 25 year old and bail from baramer Rajasthan I am a outodaraevar and father to an 2 year old baby. I am suffering from arelapsed of aplastic anemia Cancer cells a type of blood cancer I was first diagnosed in the year 2015 at the time I was working in textile mill as a machine supervisor with a salary of R's 3000 per month I was undergoing treatment in Ahmadabad civil hospital.and was able to successfully do so as the company that I was wondering in met all experience of the treatment the treatment provided to be successfully too hard after treatment I joined back my job and also started outodaraevar an rickshaw for time income to cover up all my family expenser for the last 2 month.but I was not able take cover of my self. thinking got worse when I had arelapsed that disease come back in 2017 it's was very shocking for me and my family we come from a very low financial becomes harder for me to work and left both jobs 2 year ago I was very ill. I approached civil hospital Ahmadabad Gujarat for treatment this time.Dr. shandeep Sha said that I will be understanding chemotherapy to reduce the Cancer cells following by bonmerrow transplant B.M.T. to be done at complete cure. But the treatment will cost around RS 1200000 lack and we cannot even think of management this baby am out. Unfortunately this time don't have comparing support in helping me reach this target I am currently admitted in neuroscience warding civil hospital Ahmadabad Gujarat and am facing a daily Bill. I do not have enough time as the transplant process is scheduled to afford this and even if I will be able get the treatment on right time. I am the only earning mornder of my family I beg you all to help me arrange this amount if this amount is not met. My entire family will be destroyed I am worked about the future of my wife and baby. Your hopefully ChunaRam Choudharay.t treatment T. Ruxolitinib Rs 25750 one week in 7 month counterhelp found ChunaRam aplastic anemia Cancer - story -1

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