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My name is Rajesh Kumar and I am raising funds for “LOKMITRA” for impacting the learning of 1,200 children from the deprived section of society. They are studying in 10 Government Primary Schools in Raebareli district of Uttar Pradesh, in Grade 1-5. Lokmitra will focus on two key stakeholders: teachers & parents. Teachers will be supported with lesson plans & suitable learning materials. Lokmitra will demonstrate effective teaching methodology. The culture of Peer learning will be built among teachers.  So far Lokmitra has supported about 100 schools for 1 to 5 years in a comprehensive manner with pedagogy input. About 30% of schools have shown 20 to 40 percentage point improvement in the learning outcome in one academic year.


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Project Summary

Poor quality of education in government primary schools where economically weaker students study leads to unsatisfactory "learning outcomes”. LOKMITRA has a three-pronged model to improve learning quality: 1) Enhance capacity & motivation of teachers through peer learning & hands-on support 2) Provide learning materials & teaching methodology 3) Capacitate School Management Committees. This appeal is for coverage of 10 schools in Raebareli district of Uttar Pradesh, for 1,200 students of Grade 1-5.

Project Location

The project will be located in Raebareli district of Uttar Pradesh, in Raebareli town and nearby villages.


The Challenge of low Learning Outcome

Uttar Pradesh has 25 million children in Grade 1 to 5. About 45% of children go to government schools & nearly 90% of children do not achieve Grade appropriate learning. As per ASER 2016, in Uttar Pradesh & in Raebareli, 75% Grade 5 government schools children could not read Grade 2 level text and 90% could not do simple division. This has been impacting the future prospects of children to earn a decent livelihood. This leads to poor education of the next generation & perpetuation of poverty.

The Way this Project will Solve the Problem

Lokmitra focusses on two key stakeholders: teachers & parents.  This is done by facilitating teachers to become reflective practitioners and building the culture of peer learning. Thus teachers get empowered to focus on the learning outcomes. It supports teachers with lesson plans & suitable learning materials. It demonstrates effective teaching methodology.  Parental involvement in learning outcome is ensured by raising awareness & parent’s participation in School Management Committees.


Potential Long-Term Impact 

Better education of children will enhance their livelihood prospects when they grow up as adults. This will provide for better education and health of the next generation of children. In the long run, the project will contribute to making society more inclusive/equitable. 

There will be sustained improvement in schools through local level driving force of collaborative effort and mutual accountability. This behavioral change will result in a reduced role of Lokmitra. Other schools may also adopt this.

Donation Options

Rs. 700 - Gift 1 child with quality education for 1 Year

Rs. 2,000 - Gift 3 children with quality education for 1 Year

Rs. 3,500 - Gift 5 children with quality education for 1 Year

Rs. 4,900 – Gift 1 school with Library books, Learning material

Rs. 7,000 - Gift 10 children with quality education for 1 Year

Rs. 14,000 - Gift for supplementary learning material to children of 1 school

Rs. 35,000 - Gift for capacity building of 10 teachers of 5 schools

Rs. 70,000 - Gift for capacity building of 20 teachers of 10 schools

Rs. 95,200 - Gift 1-year cost of comprehensive support to 1 school

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