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This is the story of Sahanuj Molla, 2 years and 8 months old, and suffering from malnutrition. Sahanuj belongs to a poor and economically backward family from Kashipur village, Sunderbans (Bishnupur GP, Mandir Bazaar Block, South 24 Parganas). A home visit by health workers by CRY supported project SSDC revealed that the child not only weighed less, but was also malnourished. It was also observed that he was suffering from common cold continuously as well as diarrhoea.  

Once identified as a malnourished baby, the SSDC workers kept Sahanuj under special observation. SSDC health workers accompanied his mother when she brought him to the Growth Monitoring session. It was there that it got confirmed that Sahanuj was a Severely Acute Malnourished (SAM) child and so, he was admitted to the Nutritional Rehabilitation Center run by SSDC. His weight at the time of admission was 8.5 kgs, MUAC-12.8 Cm, Height-81 CM and a Z Score of less than 2 SD. 

As a corrective measure he was provided an institutional based nutritional care by the trained doctors and staff nurses for about 15 days at NRC. His mother was educated on child nutritional care and feeding practices. She was also taught the food preparation process. When the child was discharged from the NRC, he was already showing positive trends on his nutritional status. After this, the child was provided with clinical follow up several times by the trained doctors and nurses. 

With the help of the institutional based care, close follow ups by health workers and his mother’s focus on nutritional food, care and affection, the child has achieved its normal nutritional status gradually. Now, he weighs 9.6 kgs, is 81 cm tall, has a MUAC of 12.8 and a Z score of less than 1SD. 

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We are a group of volunteers at CRY – Child Rights and You – appealing for your support so that we can provide a special fortified diet and supplementary nutrition to 100 malnourished children that we work with. With your help, we will be able to give these children the support they need to become healthy again. We hope that you stand by us.


1 in every 2 children in India is malnourished. What is even more scary? Without immediate intervention – the effects of malnourishment are irreversible. Children may suffer from disability, developmental issues and in extreme cases, even death. 


A network of Anganwadi and ICDS centers are meant to address the nutritional needs of children suffering from malnutrition but the reality is far removed. There are many villages in our country where Anganwadi centers do not exist. Even in cases where they are present, they do not have the resources to provide the nutrition that these children crucially need. A gap that leads to a high mortality rate. 


Today, countless children are fighting the long-term adverse effects of malnourishment. Their lives have already been permanently affected. However, together we can ensure that 100 children in CRY supported projects do not suffer the same fate. 


YOU can provide the help they need before it is too late.

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