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"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them"

Blitzkrieg Team Genesis is a group of 15 individuals who started on a journey a year ago which would change their life. Over the span of one year they pushed their limits to achieve their dream, to combine the ideals of all the team members and make the fastest, swiftest go kart ever which would be the personna of speed itself and to prove our worth at GKDC 2018.

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What is GKDC 2018?

The Go Kart Design Challenge 2018 is a national level competition held for automobile enthusiasts where undergraduate students compete to design and manufacture the best Go Kart possible.

Why do we need Crowdfunding?

Designing and Manufacturing a Go Kart is a mammoth task in itself and demands a good deal of money. A major portion of the expenses are incurred by the team members themselves, however we have now reached the moment where we require your help to move forward. Our team has been looking forward to seeing our dreams come true and we're falling short of our dream because of lack of sufficient funds and we ask your support and contribution.

Why should you support us?

To put things in a much better perspective to understand the calibre and capability of our team, we did secure "AIR 2" in the Pre Final Round of GKDC 2018 which made us and our campus equally proud and motivated us to make sure we hit bulls eye this time during the finals. We have been a recurring participant at the competition and last year was the inception of our team and we secured AIR 3 in GKDC 2017.

We have also been featured in prestigious newspapers such as The Hindu and several local Telugu papers as well.

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With what we have been able to achieve together, we see our team as defining an important direction of our campus at the national level and in many ways, a beginning, and we invite you to be a part of our journey by contributing as much as you can, for the journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step.

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