Help rural schools of Bharatheeya Vidya Nikethan Kerala!

By Balagopal Asokan

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I am seeking funds to support Bharatheeya Vidya Nikethan, Kerala; to support its  18 rural schools by providing computer labs.

My day out.. 

On joining bharatheeya Vidya nikethan, I paid visits to rural schools first. I was greatly worried to see schools that are running on donations which have no access to the advantages of technological innovations for obvious lack of funds.
At the same time, I was highly impressed on the pleasant and cordial manner in which students and staff welcomed us and the high values they held in mutual interactions. We have a really blessed and highly talented young buds, who are capable of making the future of the nation brighter than ever before..
On my way back home after each visit, I was really concerned about the infrastructural limitations that narrowed the horizons of these children.
With wholehearted supports from one and all, I earnestly wish to bring a little more to make their day in a sustainable manner..

How you can change the lives of rural children

We are in need of upgrading 18 of our rural schools, which are not receiving grants of any type and now functioning in the unaided sector with computer labs to provide quality education to its students. Your donations will ensure that money doesn’t come in the way of functioning of these underprivileged schools and its students and those children get quality educationwith the added facility of computer lab. You could also share this initiativeby sharing the campaign page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Whatsapp(on mobile) and spread the word about this amazing school so that your friendsand family can learn about it and come forward to offer support.

We got a team of educationalists and eminent academicians who are constantly engaged in the field of uplifting underprivileged segments of the society with provision for quality education. 

Your contribution will reflect in the lives of school children from 18 rural schools

Cost break up
Total cost
% of utilisation
Computer lab with 20 computers per school
400000*18= 72,00,000
Printers (1 per school)
10000*18= 1,80,000
Lab setting &other equipment
90000*18= 16,20,000
Total cost for setting computer labs in 18 schools


About Bharatheeya Vidya Nikethan 

Even after seventy years of independence, the existing system of education in India has its roots in Western ways of knowing. Bhartheeya Vidya Nikethan was founded in 1979 with the prime objective of formulating and developing competent education in Kerala. The ideological basis of our education is Indian philosophy, culture and values. Bharatheeya Vidya Nikethan has been inculcating a curriculum structured on the foundation of Indian Epistemology; which is known as 'Saraswati Panchapadiya Shiksha Vidhi' The BVN education system is strengthened by a unique blend of modern strategies with Indian educational heritage.

No. of districts covered
14 out of 14
No. of blocks
137 out of 152
No. of Panchayats
336 out of 941

No. of families associated with the ongoing development programme
Above 1,00,000 families including families of learners and staff.

Organizational vision
To adorn a unique place in the arena of pedagogics by reintroducing Indian Epistemological foundations in education; towards building a culturally rich, harmonious and prosperous nation

Organizational mission
To develop a National System of Education that builds a generation, which is physically, mentally and spiritually developed to face the daily challenges of their own lives and to serve the needy and thereby, serving the nation

Rewards and Updates-

Contribution and rewards 

Fund utilisation summary by E-mail
Thank you postcard from students
Greeting postcards made by students on any two major festivals till the end of the year.
Contribution of Rs 1000/- 




Contribution of Rs 2000/-




Contribution of Rs 5000/-




Contribution of Rs 10,000/- towards a printer




Contribution of Rs 20,000/- towards one computer 




Requesting your valuable contributions and kind sharing of this campaign through your social media to help this cause



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