Save Baby Yagyansh From A Disorder That Doesn’t Let Him Eat

By Ravi Sharma

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Dear friends,

My son Yagyansh had a surgery yesterday, 10th May. The doctors first thought that he has an infection in his chest and food pipe but later they detected that his food can't pass out in intestines that's why he is vomiting continuously since last 15 days.

They detected this by contrast study of the abdomen and by ultrasound study. After detection doctors decided to operate his abdomen immediately.

They have done it successfully with all your blessings. Now my son is under observation and under recovery phase. Will keep you posted.

Thanx a lot
Yagya dutt sharma

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Last year, my son Yagyansh was born after a perfect nine-month pregnancy. When our beautiful baby boy arrived, we thanked our lucky stars for him, but we soon found out that he was facing a rare birth defect.

Little Yagyansh was unable to consume food; his own body was preventing him from feeding himself! He suffers from Esophageal Atresia, a condition where a child is born with an underdeveloped food pipe that cannot send food to the stomach.

He is now 17 months old. He has had two surgeries aside from an endoscopy every two months.

While the surgeries cost us Rs 6 lakh, his medicines, endoscopy and stay in the ICU takes another Rs. 30,000 monthly. However, his condition is still nowhere close to cured.

My wife and I were both humble school teachers, but we quit our jobs months ago to look after our little boy in the hospital. Doctors say that he will need close attention and medical support (medicines, ICU stay and endoscopy) for at least another year.

This means that we may have to remain unemployed for a long period of time, and this lack of income leaves us with no means to afford his treatment. To make the situation worse, doctors have also warned that depending on the pace of our baby’s improvement, he may need yet another surgical operation.

We have borrowed from friends and family and now have no one left to turn to but you.

We request you to contribute to our fundraiser and share our story with your contacts on social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp. We hope you choose to support us in our time of dire need.

Thank you,

Yagya Dutt Sharma.

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