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Alaheda is a little child, only 2 years and 3 months old, and has recently been diagnosed with blood cancer.

When a disease as fatal as cancer strikes, the sufferer isn’t the only victim. For parents to see their child battle for life everyday, is hugely tormenting and distressing. Moreover, when cancer strikes, it bring a host of hospital bills, doctor’s fees, expensive procedures of radiation and chemotherapy, and medicines. The expenses can be so financially draining, that you don’t even get a minute to grieve over the suffering of your child.

This is the exact situation that Alaheda’s father is finding himself in. While Alaheda lives in Latur, her father works as a wage labourer in a remote village. Not only is he finding it very difficult to raise the money for her treatment, but also to be present with her in her fight against cancer. Even though he wants to be by her side, he cannot leave his work, as he is trying desperately to pay for her treatment. 

Since Alaheda’s family comes from a weak financial background, they are looking for YOUR support to save her life. She is currently undergoing treatment in Bharti Hospital in Katraj, Pune. The doctors who are treating her have estimated total expenses of INR 9 lakhs. 

Imagine the plight of a father who has to watch his daughter fight for her life everyday, because he can’t raise enough money for treatment. It has to be the worst situation that a parent can be in. You can help reduce his financial burden by making a generous donation that will allow her to get better. 

Please make generous donations, for every rupee you contribute can save her life. If you are unable to donate, you can even share our campaign with your friends and family, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. We need to mobilize as many people as we can, to help Alaheda’s father raise the money as fast as possible, so that she can be treated.

Let’s all come together to give Alaheda a chance at living a full and happy life! 

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