Investigation of the formation of Galaxy

By Babu Priyavrat

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My name is Babu Priyavrat and I'm raising funds to test my theory of the formation of spiral galaxies. Scientists have been testing models like in the video above and there is no clear explanation how star region separates from dust region.

 We see many stars which could have immediately collapsed into black holes if they have been located in dusty and cloudy locations of galaxies but it doesn't happen. My theory is : it happens due to differential gravity. To test the idea here on the earth, we will sophisticated equipment like electromagnets regulator which would mimic galactic center and ferrofluid spinning around magnets. Our theory would test if ferrofluid coalesces to form balls under differential spinning magnetic field and once it happens, does it form spiral galaxy like structure. This experiment is crucial as it would explain why black holes are not so frequently formed, why stars are like what they are now and why galaxies continue to maintain their shapes for billions of years. I'm software developer by profession but I want to contribute to better understanding of universe. Ferrofluids are very expensive and thus I shall need your help and fund. If proved right, I shall acknowledge all donors and I will send a personal note and video of test validating theory to all donors.

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