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Are you ready to say goodbye to Internet fraud and phony, fake users? We provide the key to unlocking the web’s fullest potential—in the form of a web service that ensures safety around the clock, no matter where you are in the world.

With ayeSol, the boundaries of the Internet are pushed to a whole new level and are no longer restricted by the applications that are available to you. 

We at ayeSol have developed what we call the Ident, Interact, and Transact approach, which makes virtualization possible across the Internet for any and every executable task. This will lead the Internet to a more trustworthy future, and you can be a part of it!

Virtualization can be the next step to a Digital India, as well as for the rest of the world. With a secure, easy-to-use, and hack-proof authentication system in place, ayeSol ensures that your assets, the personal information that you share, and your money remain completely under your control. Your possessions are now virtual assets that are not only more secure but also at your fingertips at all times with the ayeSol application.

This brainchild of Mr. Rahul Sirohi, the founder of ayeSol, was born of the necessity to make the virtual world a better place. It has taken years of hard work and patience for it to reach its present state. Certifications and partnerships from the government, as well as from other reputable agencies like the UIDAI, CDAC, and Startup India, have made ayeSol what it is today. Moreover, we can safely say that ayeSol is on its way to a promising and secure future! 

Let’s take a look at the main functions of this app to understand it better: Ident, Interact, and Transact.


Springing from a combination of the words “identity” and “entity,” it ensures that every entity is identified. With ayeSol, an entity can be an individual person or even a thing in the Internet of Things.  

We do this by assigning each entity a unique “ayeID,” which you or your organization can use to be identified by anyone whom you allow. This ayeID helps to define who you are actually dealing with on the Internet.

Using eGovernance tools and services, your ayeID consolidates everything from your fingerprints to your PAN and Aadhaar card and then uses this to create a virtual version of you. This provides a perk that no one would want to miss: hassle-free access to any building, whether it’s a nightclub or an international airport, using your ayeID.

What’s more, ayeSol for the IoT can link all your Internet-enabled devices and smart home appliances to the service. This allows you to switch off your lights, turn up the volume on your music system, and manage your phone all from the same place. We also have a provision to convert traditional devices into Internet-savvy ones by offering you Wi-Fi-enabled plugs and sockets.


The electronic interaction between individuals or things and the sharing of media and other files through ayeSol makes certain that your work is secure with a verified entity. It verifies the authenticity of data and keeps it under your control by verifying the source. Yes, you can now be confident that you are not dealing with yet another fake identity via the Internet!

AyeSol gives you a unified platform for cashless and cardless banking in all your bank accounts. This ensures that you have a secure way to bank. Sending money or receiving it right into your account is only a click away, which means you can eliminate hidden charges and wallet systems! 

It has your digital signature ready to verify any electronic media that need to bear your seal. You can now sign off all your work and conveniently give your consent to any agreement with ayeSol.

The collaboration of all these concepts creates a path that can lead us to a safer tomorrow, from buying products online to finding an employee to do a job. 

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