Gingival stem cell isolation and characterization

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Each penny of your donation will help me in finishing my research. I m thanking you from the bottom of my heart for the donation. Please share and help me in raising the fund.


Hi, My name is Dr.Avinash Kavarthapu growing as a budding periodontist. I am raising fund to work on isolating the stem cells and characterizing them into various tissues from healthy gum tissue from the mouth. Stem cells are the cells that can give rise to different new cells which helps in the formation of any tissue in the body such as bone, cementum, gum etc. The gum disease which is being affected to 40% of individuals globally are unaware of the disease as such and they are reaching the dentist at the last stages of the disease. In such case, complete regeneration of the tissue and bone is not possible which helps in supporting the teeth. Eventually, it is leading to the loss of teeth at the younger age.

      Various regenerative techniques have been tried like using artificial bone grafts but their application is limited and very expensive that not all the patients were able to afford. Loss of teeth is eventually impacting on the overall health of the patient. 

       Stem cells have been isolated from various regions of the mouth but they are very invasive and cannot be always obtained in a healthy state. The gum portion of the mouth which has the capacity to frow back when taken in the limited amount is excised and cells have been isolated from that. These cells, when grown in culture, will have the capacity to form different cell types. Using regenerative scaffolds, the tissues that were lost can be regenerated.

I request everyone to support me in raising the fund for this project which will help the society in maintaining oral health and thus the general health.

I will be very thankful for all those who will help me in raising the fund for this project

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