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“I was daydreaming about Ansh getting a medal when the fateful phone rung. It was a call from Ansh’s seniors at college telling me that he was hospitalized. It didn’t make sense to me, he was an athletic boy, full of energy. I kept asking questions after questions but they were as confused as I was. They only told me that my 15-year-old son was unconscious. I clutched the phone to my chest and fell to the ground, not understanding what could have possibly happened to my Ansh”- Mamta, Ansh’s mother.


Our son was going to be a National-level champion until fate struck this blow. - Mamta


It was any other day for Rajiv Yadav’s 15-year-old son, Ansh. He was training early in the morning on the ground of his sports college - Major Dhyan Chand College in Uttar Pradesh. He had been selected to play for the National Level athletics tournament the week before and his young veins were filled with adrenaline. Everything that he wanted so far was coming true. 



However, 20 minutes into his rigorous training session, he was slithering on the ground with an unbearable ache in his legs. The coach described him as a fish out of water. Within seconds, Ansh felt a prickling sensation rise up his body, as if an unexplainable darkness was swallowing him whole. He tried to tell his coach what was happening but failed..


His coach and seniors took him to a nearby medical school and contacted us immediately. My son loved pushing boundaries - he was a perfectionist. So we all thought it was his exhaustive training sessions to blame. Since I was at work, my wife and son went there to bring our son back home once the doctor had given the green signal.

  • Rajiv Yadav, Ansh’s father


The local doctors there supposed the attack to be due to overexertion and the heat. The symptoms seemed bizarre to them but since Ansh’s condition was stable, there seemed no reason to keep him in the hospital anymore. The green signal was given to take him home.


SYMPTOMS- “Each sensation in his body shut down one after the other”


“The same night, we saw that Ansh was twisting around in pain again. He kept telling us that this is how it felt the first time too before the collapse. There was nothing we could do but listen to our son’s painful shrieks while we waited for the ambulance to get there on time.”

  • Ansh’s father, Rajiv


Upon reaching the hospital, his parents were fighting with Senpai Medical Hospital in U.P. to get him admitted. The hospital initially refused due to the lack of infrastructure and the increasing complexity of the case, but finally a doctor there admitted him. 


The next thing Ansh remembers is waking up in the ICU feeling like someone had placed burning stones on his spine. He felt like someone had knocked the air out of his legs. But his hands refused to move and his mouth couldn’t form the words he wanted to say.


My son was paralysed from the neck down. I could do nothing but wail miserably the first time he opened his eyes and searched for me helplessly. His face was distorted with pain and his mouth was completely open - my son couldn’t even breathe! 

  • Mamta, the mother



He was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome - a rare disorder affecting 1 in 100,000 people each year. Patients suffering from GBS have an immune system that mistakenly attacks its own nervous system.


The neurologist immediately ordered for vaccines from Delhi to help kickstart my son’s lungs that had numbed down due to the paralysis. After a huge struggle we finally managed to  admit him to the MAX Hospital in Delhi so he could get the best medical attention.

  • Rajiv




Rajiv, the father had to shut down his previous business due to burning medical expenses. Each vaccine cost them a Lakh and it had to be induced frequently. Rajiv currently works as a farmer and is the only breadwinner of their family of 5 apart from take care of Ansh’s towering medical expenses. 


Ansh’s sister keeps drawing new pictures for him every day, to give him hope and strength.“We will not give up on our brother.” -Chhoti


Ansh’s Current Health Status: “A miracle followed by a tragedy”

After continued vaccines, intense physiotherapy and prayers, Ansh started walking again. It was nothing short of a miracle! The next step was removing the oxygen pipe attached to his throat so that he could start talking again too. The day that was supposed to lead to Ansh’s extraordinary recovery became the very day wherein everything fell apart.


Half an hour, after the pipe was removed, Ansh started having trouble breathing. The doctors immediately undertook all steps to revive him but to no avail. The 15-year-old had a brain haemorrhage. 


It has been 13 days since Ansh is in a coma. The family is distraught and disheartened. All their hopes, their dreams and their money has gone in getting Ansh his very own miraculous recovery. They do not know how to sustain his future medical bills, how to answer the hospital that keeps asking for money every day.


I have already sold off my land and all my wife’s jewellery to pay for the months of hospitalization and vaccines. I have spent all my life savings and we can’t even afford 3 meals a day at this moment. But we are still nowhere close to raising Rs. 43 Lakhs needed for his treatment. I don’t know what to do - my son’s life is on the line! - Rajiv



How You Can Help


The family needs your love and support to get over the series of events that has taken over their lives. They are drowning in medical bills, loans and debts while their son is fighting every second to stay alive. Your contribution can help them believe in miracles again. The treatment, medication and post op care come us to Rs. 43 Lakhs. GBS has already snatched away his dreams of becoming a National Level Athletics Champion, don’t let it snatch away his life too. 


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