Mother needs help to continue sending Girl child to school

By Anita Bhosle

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Hi everyone!

My name is Anita Bhosle and I am a single mother & raising money for my only Girl child to continue sending her to school

I work in a garment factory as a sewing worker for the past many years. Its been over 8 years that I am separated with my abusive husband and taking full responsibility and upbringing of my only Girl child and my dependent mother. While I am also fighting a legal battle with my ex-husband for the child's custody for years.

My daughter Manasvi is 10 years old  and I send her to M.K.S English school. She is a bright child and is doing very well at School. Currently I am unable to pay for her School Van fees for the last 6 months,  meeting the expenses of a School going child's need, & the legal battle for her custody is getting difficult as well. The school van service will stop the service from 23-Oct -17 and will deprive me of the reliable hands for my child's daily school pick & drop. I don't know how I can attend my workplace without this help & it is causing me a lot of depression! I really do not wish my child to suffer for this..

I wish I can pay the outstanding for the school van and secure the educational expenses of my child for the academic year 2017-18, while I work harder and find dignified ways to improve my income.


One of my well-wisher at the workplace contributed INR 500 instead of buying & burning fire-crackers for his kids this Diwali. He suggested me to seek help from like-minded people. I wonder if more people can really do this so that my child can continue going to school in her school van...

I am a tailor and I can sew good clothes. I can return you indeed by sewing clothes for your family.  

Please help me by donating or sharing the fundraiser with your friends and family, so that this Diwali I can brighten the future of my Girl child by continuing her school and keep going on in life with dignity. My child will always remember your good deeds and do her part to return the same to society!

We are grateful for your help! Happy Diwali!

With regards

Anita Bhosle 

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