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I was making ends meet. My family, which consists of my wife and my parents was just getting by with my average BPO salary of Rs. 20,000/month. My wife was trying to look for a job but had to mostly be at home because of my father’s ill health. As the sole bread earner I was doing what I could to give my family a decent living. 

But, last year in March I suddenly fell very ill. Both my kidneys failed and the doctors said that I had to sustain on regular dialysis. The dialysis included 3 hospital visits each week. I began the treatment immediately and have been getting dialysis for the last 8 months. 

The treatment costs me almost Rs. 25,000 each month; much higher than my salary. Plus, I have to skip work most of the times due to my ongoing treatment which causes a salary cut, further lowering how much I earn each month. It’s become extremely difficult for me to take care of my family’s needs along with my treatment. 

The doctors have suggested that I get a kidney transplant to fully recover. But, I neither have any existing savings nor the potential to save (as all of it goes towards my treatment and a little for my family) for the treatment. The transplant will cost Rs. 12 lakhs and I also need funds to continue my dialysis procedure till I get my transplant.

I have no one to approach to help me in this time of need and therefore I have come to you. Please help me with any contribution you can. Also please share my fundraiser through Whatsapp and Facebook with your friends and relatives to help me reach my goal.

Any help from you will mean a lot to me! 

Please pray for me,


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