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My name is Aditya Tendulkar and I'm volunteering for an NGO called Mentor Me India. The concept of Mentor Me India is to pair an underprivileged child with someone from other sections of society who could guide him/her towards becoming a good citizen in the future.

Altaf is facing various domestic challenges (you could imagine) but is an extremely mature 12 year old who has turned out well.

One day, when we were browsing through youtube videos, he said to me, "Bhaiya, stunts ke videos dikhao naa."

The search results were of gymnastics videos and I just turned one of those on, and Altaf seemed to be very confident about that. He said to me, "Bhaiya ye toh rubber hai.. main bhi kar sakta hun." (They are jumping on a rubber, I can do that as well."

I asked him if he could jump or do any stunts, and I was thrilled to see him do that back flip with ease. Altaf is naturally flexible,

There started my search to find him a gymnastics training center. It's one month in to this gymnastics center and Altaf is loving it.

I was fortunate enough to have people besides me who gave me the necessary resources which have  made me capable enough to pursue the career I'd want.

 I believe that talent is hidden across many such areas of the country.

I believe that the opportunity to pursue the career of your choice shouldn't be up to the background of the individual.

And I certainly believe, that each and everyone of us wants to bring a change and do good in this world.

The funds raised will go to Altaf's yearly gymnastics expenses i.e., fees, travel and health.

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