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My name is Akhil and I am raising funds for my higher studies. I'am currently undergoing my A level studies (higher secondary) and it was my dream from childhood to complete my studies in Abroad.I reached out to several universities and they all agreed they could offer me a seat but later I found out its going to cost me almost 5000000  rupees for the completion of studies. I'm from a middle class family so we couldn't afford that much money, I tried contacting the university to know whether I could get some scholarship of somekind. They cross checked my academics performance and said they could give me a deducted tuition fee. But still I'am far away from what my family could afford.I spent day and night doing researches about getting the remaining amount I contacted several banks and one of them agreed that they'll grant me a total sum of 500000 max and I totaled the value of assets my family owns and its around 100000 still I'm far away from the amount I required. I've heard that "If we have a dream and we try for it with our all efforts the all world will be there for you to support and that's the reason I'm here I'm not begging I know I deserve it and I just want someone to understand this and give me some support.I know that no one is going to spent such an huge amount to a total stranger like me and I don't have a lot of friends from whom I could ask to give some donations.But I beg you even if you cant help me with donations please share this to your friends the more people it reaches the more chances of my dream coming true.Even one rupee count in fund risers like this.And I hope you'll see me as one of you and give some help. Please help me raise the required amount by clicking on the donate button and/or sharing this fundraiser with family and friends.

I'am grateful for your help!

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