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“My brother is the most positive person I know, and everyone just loves him. But for the last two years, he has been losing his energy bit by bit. It hurts to see him lying on the hospital bed. We don’t understand why it had to happen to him of all people!”


We have spent all our lives in Mumbai and I have always been more mischievous and louder than my elder brother, Akash. He is my sensible partner-in-crime and in return, I am always the first one to try out the dishes he cooks up in the kitchen. 

He loves food and when after 12th grade he enrolled in a hotel management course, we all knew he was in the right place. He was doing so well that for his internship, his college sent him to Germany. After graduating, Akash went to New Zealand to pursue further studies. We couldn’t have been happier!


He could never go back to New Zealand to finish his studies, but instead of worrying about what he has lost, he started a small restaurant of his own in Dahisar. He was happy and active again and for a while, we thought everything was going to be fine.  


After only a few months though, he started facing breathing problems. We found out that the cancer cells have consumed his lungs and now, he can’t breathe without the Vent pipe. The doctors say that if the machine is removed even for a minute, we might lose him. 

Again, just as he couldn’t go back to studying, he never again set foot in his restaurant. 

For almost a month now he has been strapped to that hospital bed and each night, I sit with him, giving him medicines and wondering when will I see my brother healthy again.

My family is trying everything to get the best treatment for him but we are running very low on funds now. We have a small shop which is the only source of income for our family. 

Since our Dad is always in the hospital, it’s not doing that well. I really want to help out but I am still in college and nobody would give me a decent paying job. Everyday in the hospital costs more than Rs. 20,000. We don’t want to lose Akash, he is our lifeline. But to save him, we need to arrange more than Rs. 5 Lakhs by the next month.” 

Please help us in saving my big brother. A small contribution from you can make a big difference in our lives! 

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