Propagandise Tulasi usage for cure/prevent cancer/diseases

By Ajith Kumar Sivasankaran

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My father was diagnosed for prostate cancer last year. We were able to cure him with the operation. However, he is a non-smoker, teetotaller and has no other bad habits;leads a simple life.

So, the point is, we are all susceptible to cancer/other diseases inspite of our living habits. This is largely due to the increasing exposure to pollution, mobile phone, and carcinogenics like cosmetics, plastics, deodorants, petroleum, etc etc

We all have heard the benefits of Tulasi - but most of us have not experienced it until and unless required. Many are ignorant of Tulasi.

Reading books and scriptures, Tulasi (basil) is known to prevent and cure cancer and other diseases. For the past 2-3 years, I have been passing word to the growth and usage of Tulasi in every home. I tried Tulasi in my home and I was help to self-medicate my early-morning-phlegm problem. Earlier, my daughter used to get cold once in a while. After a regular usage of Tulasi, she very rarely catches cold. Tulasi increases stamina and resistance-power.

My idea, is to grow tulasi in each home. For this, I have been walking to few homes and helped them with growing and using tulasi regularly. I want to take the Tulasi Propagandization to further levels. I am starting campaigns in social media and distributing pamphlets. I am planning to go to schools to meet principals to teach students the use of Tulasi. I am charting out all possible ways to reach out to the people and make them start using tulasi regularly.

I would need some help in this endeavour once in a while and for the next step, to cover places in Trivandrum,Kanyakumari,Tirunelveli,Chennai districts and other places in TN and Kerala on foot/transport and for online campaign all over the world. This is plan for the next 6 months.

Please join me via my facebook-world group

I do manage a few facebook pages. We can connect via them for various purposes.

Along with Tulasi, I am also looking into the usage of papaya, other herbs and also additionally pledge for world peace in the same propagandization.



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