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By Bharath Nagendra

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Who are we?

Our team is called Adwaya. We are a group of like minded artistes whose basic instinct is creativity. We like to cross the horizon and be different. We envision Adwaya to be a synonym to Art.

What are we doing?

We are trying to raise funds through the crowd-funding mode to produce a music video which, in a contemporary way describes the essence of rich Indian culture.

What are we raising funds for?

We are making music video on the subject of Dasa Sahitya. This will be a contemporary video within the framework of rich Indian tradition and culture. The subject of the video is to make a person understand that the actual sense of joy is only within oneself and therefore it makes no sense to search for it outside of oneself. The song chosen for this video very subtly describes this. It also states that the realisation of joy within oneself is nothing but the experience of attaining the creator and the ecstasy of this is much bigger than any materialistic pleasures of the world. 

What is Dasa Sahitya and what's the importance?

Haridasaru, a sect of people who walked the path of spirituality and righteousness creating volumes of magnum opuses glorifying the field of literature and music. Their vision was to create a conscious society where truth and awareness prevailed. About 5 centuries ago lived, arguably the greatest of Haridasas Shri. Purandara Dasaru – a rich businessman who in the quest of the actual meaning of his existence renounced everything and preached the way of life to the larger masses. His messages, after almost 500 and more years are still relevant to our very existence. We believe firmly that his messages will remain relevant to thousands of years to come in the future. These writings were manifested in many forms to connect to the generation of the day – Religion, Spirituality, God. Today, the manifestation is ‘relevance’ and ‘connect’.

Why a music video on this subject?
We live in a society where everything is questioned, analyzed, interpreted, understood and then accepted. Therefore the medium of expression needed a change. We at Adwaya have attempted to change this paradigm of understanding and presenting the essence of haridasa sahitya. We take pride in associating ourselves to an era where the richness of these wonderful beings are remembered and revered. We seek your patronage in this endeavor. We will be grateful to you for all your support.

You can check our first video production uploaded in this campaign.

Why can’t we fund the cost ourselves?

We are a self sustaining group and we do not have sponsors, producers or funding agencies. We do this for the sheer passion we have by leveraging each of the member's talent and capability.

How will the funds impact our cause?

The funds will be utilized in obtaining the resources we as a team do not possess. For example: cost of camera and cinematography, cost of locations where we shoot the video, cost of actors who will enact the story, recording studio charges, editing charges etc. All the members of Adwaya will work for free without earning anything from this.

How much funds do you require?

The overall project from end to end i.e. Recording the audio track to editing and finally publishing on social media for larger community's consumption will cost us Rs. 40000. On normal terms this is not even 50% of the actual cost. Since Adwaya is a self sustaining group, the members do not take any remuneration for their contribution in the video.

How much each individual should pay?

It depends on the Patron's willingness. It can be any amount as you wish to contribute in the way of supporting this project.


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