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The Victim Mariyam (name changed), aged 25, at the time of the incident, used to run her own beauty parlour and help her family financially. She lived a normal life just like me and you and loved dressing up like any other girl, but what made her stand apart was that she helped many other girls also to look beautiful. The same gave her immense joy and satisfaction. She says what elated her most was whenever she dressed a bride for her special day. Tragically, she could never become one!

The accused is a man named Afroz @ Sharib @ Shahbaz,He used to tease Mariyam (name changed) since 5-6 months prior to the incident. At times he used to park his motorcycle in front of her parlour and whistle at her. Many times he also told her that he wanted to be in a relationship with her. Later on he approached her with a proposal for marriage, which she refused. Upon her refusal, he threatened her by saying that he will throw acid on her face so that she will never be able to marry anyone else. The incident took place on 14.10.2009 at around 7 PM at night when the petitioner and her sister were returning from their parlour to their home on a rickshaw.

The accused accompanied by one of his friends Shabbir was already standing at the scene of the incident. As the rickshaw slowed down they threw acid on Mariyam and her sister from a steel jug which left them with acid burn on their face including both eyes, both arms,  both shoulders, chest and abdomen, after which both the accused fled the scene on a motorcycle. The sisters immediately told their rickshaw puller to take them to the Holy Family Hospital where they were given first aid. They were then referred to the burn unit of Safdarjung Hospital for further treatments.Both the sisters were declared 100%visually impaired (blind) and the doctors could do nothing to save their vision.

While her treatment was going on in Safdarjung Hospital, Afroz came and threatened Mariyam, that if she discloses his name as the accused then he will kill her. However, when the police came to take her statement in the Hospital, she told them about the threat, following which Afroz was arrested. The other accused, Shabbir, was identified by her in presence of police officials by recognising his voice.

The case was committed to the Court of Sessions on 08.10.2010. However, citing the failure of the prosecution to inspire confidence of the Court in its case both the accused were acquitted by the court vide its judgment dated 13.07.2012. Disheartened by this decision of the Court, the sisters have lost all faith that they will ever get justice.

Mariyam, belongs to a joint family consisting of 12 members. Their father has retired from his job and currently the family runs at the expense of their brother's income of Rs.20,000 per month only. This is nowhere near enough to feed a family of 12 and pay for the treatment of even one of the sisters, let alone two.

They have approached multiple  hospitals for examinations, further treatment and corrective surgeries. The petitioners have undergone 8-9 surgeries each including 2 plastic surgeries and the doctors have suggested that both of them will have to undergo multiple and expensive surgeries followed by treatments for their skin. The medications will go on for a number of years.

Till date they have already spent a sum of around Rs. 15 lakh as medical expenses and are not in a financial condition to undergo further treatment and corrective surgeries without any financial help. In fact, owing to the financial strain it put on their family, the sisters have had to put their treatment on hold.

The family had approached the previous Chief Minister of Delhi Ms. Sheila Dixit following which they received a sum of Rs. 1 Lakh each as relief.

The victims are in such a miserable state that they cannot even afford to buy their daily medicines. The nostrils of the sisters have become attached and hence they are suffering from asthma and have a lot of trouble breathing. An immediate surgery is required for the same. Your contribution will be of immense help. Please donate generously and with an open heart. Every penny is a stair to her dreams. Help her complete the staircase that leads to living if not normal, atleast a healthy life once again!

The accused belonged to an influential family so despite suitable evidence the police became hand in gloves with the accused and as a result due to lack of evidence they were acquitted by the trial court. As a result Adv.Pallavi sharma took up the matter before the high court and the same still stands pending.
The acquittal of the accused led to the victims going in severe depression and losing all hope.






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