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I am Abhijit Solunke from Pune, Maharashtra, India. I am into a big trouble and not able to find a way out.

First of all, I am a proud person so I am feeling very bad that I had to ask help from anyone. I have had a big loss of around INR 5,00,000  in a business & then on an bad investment almost simultaneously and for the person like me it is a huge loss almost unbearable. I was devastated due to these reasons, could not focus on my job and eventually to make this worst I lost my job. This again resulted in rejection of my loan application. There is no way left in front of me as now friends helped me are asking their money back obviously all of them are not that much rich enough to avail me some time. 

So all I need is a loan of INR 4,00,000 and I will pay back that before April-2018 with bank interest. I need this much amount as I took loan from friends to compensate business loss and they all are asking their money back now. 

I already have started working as a freelancer for few companies and at the same time working on few ideas to start a business. I am trying convert this loss of job into an opportunity to create something big. However to go onto that path I need a small time period wherein I will be able to focus completely on my work and bring out the best results I can. I have given timeline based on my earning since I lost my job. The worst case if not from anywhere, I will be at least eligible for loan by that time (this is just to assure you, I am confident on myself to achieve something more than expected). 

With that I will also make sure my fundraisers will have shares in the company I will be establishing. 

About my family background my father is working person & a proud human being and mother is housewife. I have brother who is still studying.

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