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"From Street To School"- Needs your Support

"From Street To School"- Needs your Support

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Aasraa Trust
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Aasraa Trust
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₹ 1,15,220 Raised of ₹ 10,80,000

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₹ 1,15,220 Raised of ₹ 10,80,000

20 Donors in 525 days

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Aasraa Trust
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Aasraa Trust


Gauri was living a meaningless life in the slum at Bindal area in Dehradun till Aasraa’s outreach team found her and inducted her into the “Street Smart” program. She is now mainstreamed into Shri Guru Ram Rai Public school as a student of 2nd grade.

AasraaTrust looks after the overall wellbeing of Dehradun’s most vulnerable children. 

                                  We have grown from 35 children to 1800 in the last 8 years. We currently feed 1500 children a day.

What the problem is? 

There are hundreds of destitute, runaway and orphaned children living in the slums and streets of Dehradun. For them education is unattainable or unnecessary. They have lost their childhood and have no hope for a better future. The day to day struggle to survive for children from the slums and street has robbed them of a chance to compete in our society.

Begging has become a livelihood, a means of “earning” a living by these families. This is unacceptable. Encouraging child begging is the same as encouraging child abuse. These children are beaten, maimed, exposed to the elements. They are not given adequate food, clothing or medical attention. They are illiterate. In many cases, money raised from begging is spent on drugs and alcohol, the easiest escape from the reality of their lives.

Here is the Solution :

Aasraa has a vision of life with dignity for our children from the streets and slums of Dehradun. The cycle of poverty needs to be broken. We believe that the outside intervention needed to break the poverty cycle for these children is education; education and vocational training combined with health care, nutrition and clothing.

We reach out to vulnerable children and we provide opportunity and care and attention. This is our mission. Our outreach teams work at street level and with communities to bring children into the Aasraa programs. The goal of our Street Smart program is to introduce children to basic literacy and education with the goal of ultimately mainstreaming them into the regular school system.

We are happy to share that Aasraa has successfully mainstreamed 516 children into regular schools till date. 240 of these have joined school in the current sessions that is April 2017. These children who came into ‘Street Smart’ had never been inside a classroom. After spending an average of 1.5 years at Street Smart they have been able to secure admission in mainstream schools, which is no mean feat. Aasraa then funds school fees, uniforms, textbooks, stationery and transport. We are also responsible for afterschool support so children are aligned with the current content and curriculum. All our mainstreamed children are doing very well in their respective classes and we are diligent in tracking their progress

Impact :

The educational support helps a child in getting access to life-changing benefits. Children will become sensitive about education and personal hygiene. Intense nutrition will help to stay healthy, strong, proactive and confident. It will be a strong foundation for their bright future, which will help them to break the poverty cycle.

Total Program Cost


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Tuition Fee










Grand Total


This is equivalent to USD 29 per month and USD 346 per year.

Our target is to raise INR 10,80,000 / USD 17,280 for 50 children through this campaign.

  • Your gift of just INR 1800/ USD 29 will change a child’s life forever!
  • In just INR 6960/USD 1336, you will ensure that they have new and colourful learning books for a year.
  • Help them look smarter in schools; sponsor uniforms for 5 children for just INR 3000/ USD 48.


Kindly come forward to support us! Contribute if you can, by donating or by sharing this campaign :)

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