Save The Dream of A Tribal Girl - Snehlata!

By Rani Patel

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"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” – Kofi Annan

Education is the gateway to freedom for every individual surviving the scorns of unequal society. Aarohan, in its twelfth year of modest but meaningful existence, presents a living example of supporting children to realise their dreams through education. It provides a ladder to paint their dreams in the sky and create space and identity in the society.

How can Aarohan save little Snehlata Tudu’s dreams?

Snehlata Tudu, a seven year old girl from Laxmiposi of Odissa wants to study and explore the world her own way. Here, going to a school is a distant dream. Laxmiposi in Mayurbhangj District of Odissa is a small remote hamlet in the tribal belt of east cost of India. About 57% of the people of this area are tribal and their socio-economic conditions are lamentable.

Being isolated, considerable problems are encountered with regard to logistics arrangements, adequ acy of civic infrastructure and facilities and even local language is a barrier to make them aware of the social issues. Conditions are so poor that a seven year old boy named Mumru was killed for eating the meal left for his sister.

Aarohan since 2012, aims to help the tribal children and the community through imparting education and to fight with health issues and malnutrition. Our mission is to help 60 tribal children, who are fighting with hunger and are not able to attend schools, through education and awareness programmes, so that they can integrate with the mainstream society.

Here’s how you can help us make an impact:

Aarohan needs helping hands in the form of small contributions to develop a dream school for these tribal children where they can get education and fulfill their dreams. This will ensure that no child is deprived of the basic necessities. You can contribute by donating here and sharing the campaign page on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email, Whatsapp about this unique school so that your friends and family can learn about it and come forward to support.

Your contribution will aid in bringing to life the dreams of 60 tribal children.

Cost break up
Total cost (INR) 2018
Total cost (INR) 2019
Utilization %
1> School infrastructure development
15,00,000 (~ USD 23,313)
2 a> One year academic cost for 60
4,32,000 (~ USD 6714)
4,32,000 (~ USD 6714)
2 b> Book and learning material cost for 60 students
81,360 (~ USD 1264)
81,360 (~ USD 1264)
2 c> Uniform cost (2) for 60 students
24,000 (~ USD 373)
24,000 (~ USD 373)
2 d> School Bags for 60 students
24,000 (~ USD 373)
24,000 (~ USD 373)
2 e> Making daily nutrition available for 60 kids
3,24,000 (~ USD 6035)
3,24,000 (~ USD 6035)
3 > Weekly health checkup by a visiting doctor and making all medicines available
3,17,600 (~ USD 4934)
3,17,600 (~ USD 4934)
4 > 10 Computers + 1 Printer + 10 computer tables
4,26,000 (~ USD 6605)
TOTAL (1+2+3+4)
31,27,260 (~ USD 48,760)
12,02,360 (~ USD 18,687)
Total Y1+Y2
43,30,000 (~ USD 67,298)


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Driven by the philosophy: “If a child cannot reach to the school, the school must reach the child”: the organization’s Mission is to "Provide comprehensive Education, nutrition, health care, skill training, mothers/women empowerment support for holistic development of less-privileged children to become responsible adults and leaders of tomorrow."


It envisions “Empowered children through exercise of Rights- education, health and dignified livelihood”.


Such philosophy and visionary dream led to the voluntary action adopting a different approach -in the sense –owning parental responsibilities- providing holistic support- till children become self reliant. Touching lives of children, mothers and other community members in positive ways is the Ultimate Objective.


AAROHAN’s two ways strategy


Providing education to children followed by skill training to adolescents and facilitating gainful employment- improving quality of life of the family including education of younger siblings children;


Empowering adolescent girls/young mothers through awareness building, functional literacy, skill training facilitating small sustainable business enterprise- improving quality of life of the family including continued education of children.


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Passionate team of Aarohan

A committed highly experienced member from different walks of life and prestigious institutions are relentlessly working on imparting better education and accessible to the children for whom the education is a dream.

Ms. Rani Patel
Founder President
Dr. Rekha Khandelwal
Vice President, Gynecologist
Ms. Anjana Tata
Mr. Shashi Sahai
Mr.Sushil Jhangiani
Guest professor-[IIM-A],
 Free lance- Corporate trainer
Dr. Mukesh Ranjan
Professor- Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi
Mr. Kedar Gosain
Diplomatic services- GOI


Rewards and updates

Thank you post card from students through email
Fund utilization summary through mail
‘Aarohan Baripada’ Proud donor T-shirt along with pics of development
Scanned copy of Report Card of assigned student along with pics of development, child health and nutrition reports
Tribal art and Scanned copy of Report Card of assigned student along with pics of development, child health and nutrition reports
By contributing Rs. 1,000 (~USD 15) you can sponsor 2 sets of school uniform for a student.

By contributing Rs. 1,600 to 2,000 (~USD 20- 30) you can sponsor textbooks, for a student for a year!

By contributing Rs. 3,000 (~USD 45) you can sponsor entire student supply (textbooks and uniform) for a student for a year!

By contributing Rs. 5,000 (~USD 75) you can sponsor entire student supply (textbooks and uniform) and school infrastructure

By contributing Rs. 10,000 Approx (~USD 160) you can sponsor a child’s education and school infrastructure for one complete year!

By contributing Rs. 20,000 Approx (~USD 300) you can sponsor a child’s education and school infrastructure and nutrition for a year

Any contribution above Rs.20,000 (USD 300) you can contribute towards school infrastructure which is a major need in the current situation.

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