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It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform that Mary lost her battle. While she had received the first of the four doses of Immunotherapy (Keytruda - Pembrolizumab) to ascertain if her body would respond to the drug, it could not help the damage her liver had suffered, which led to her demise. While Immunotherapy is known to be effective and can be life-saving it needs some time to work. Unfortunately, time was not on our side.

Mary leaves behind her nine-year-old daughter Mercy and husband Deva who thanks everyone with deep gratitude for your kindness and generosity. The remaining funds will go towards supporting Deva and his daughter Mercy as they look to try and rebuild their lives.

I personally thank you for responding to my appeal to try and help Mary survive. I am absolutely overwhelmed by your kindness and support. May God bless you.

- Osbert Paul

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Dear friends, My name is Deva. I need your help to raise funds for my 36-year-old wife Mary. She has been suffering Malignant/Metastatic Melanoma Cancer for over a year. It is now in its final stage. Her last PET scan reveals that apart from a rapidly growing large tumour in her cheek the cancer is spreading/metastasizing aggressively to various parts of her body and some vital organs. Doctors have concluded that her only chance of survival is Immunotherapy, to be administered immediately. Unfortunately, it is very expensive. I work as a mason, have exhausted all my resources and feel completely helpless. Despite taking treatment and painkillers, her condition is progressively getting worse. It has been extremely tough for her, our 10-year-old daughter Mercy and me. In the midst of her suffering she is still trying to be strong and tries to reassure us. It is unbearable to watch her suffer and shed silent tears.

Treatment: She needs a dose of Immunotherapy once every three weeks, each costing 2.3 lac rupees. Initial treatment requires 4 doses of immunotherapy spread over 3 months which would cost around 10 lac rupees. If her body responds to the treatment it would have to continue. The goal at the moment is to raise 10 lacs for the initial treatment.

She is a good-hearted God-fearing woman. Even though the odds are stacked against Mary I request you to consider taking the bold step of contributing to the hope of saving her life. May God bless your kindness and support!!

I thank everyone, including Impactguru with deep sincerity and gratefulness.

May I also request you to share this appeal  with your family, friends and colleagues.

PS: Appeal written on behalf of Deva by Osbert Paul who is coordinating the effort.

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Support Mary's Battle Against A Spreading Cancer! - story -3

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