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Summary:-Agriculture was and is the basis for life for all beings. Such important Agriculture is now under serious threats by increased costs, decreased returns, Climate Change, less employees. 100 Youth must be encouraged to involve in Agriculture. Preparation and Marketing of Bio Inputs (Manures/Pest Repellents). They will get employments. They will help continuity of Agriculture in 5 villages of Kharagpur Block-II.

Challenge:-It is shocking that 25% of agro lands have been sold last 7 years. Main reasons are non-availability of inputs and employees and lack of viable technologies. Continuity of family members is possible only through Youth involvement. But, Youth are not encouraged to take up Agriculture. So, farm families are forced to sell agro lands. Food security is threatened. Family unity is affected. Economic sustainability is destabilized. Society at large is in trouble.

Solution:-10 Youth trained June 2016. 2 youth per village have been motivated to involve in preparing and marketing Bio Inputs (Manures/Pest Repellents).100 Youth will set up Bio Input Units in 5 villages and supply Manures/Pest Repellents to enable farm families to achieve success in agriculture. Fear in minds of farmers will be dispelled by joining of 100 Youth. More Youth will be attracted to Agriculture both from employability to Youth

Long-Term Impact:-Agriculture was main occupation for over two-thirds population. Lack of regular employments led to huge migration resulting in instability in families. Alternate jobs are detrimental. Revival of Agriculture will help families to sustain economically. Population will get good food, better environment. Youth will become leaders in viable technologies. Innovations by Youth will save agriculture in remaining 75% lands. Value addition to agri produce will involve others in income generation

Sponsor Toys & Nutritious Meal for 25 Slum Child

Summary:-Under this Micro Project, 25 street and Slum poor children will be Given Lunch, Dinner and Gifts .The Program will be Quite Unique. For Poor Street and Slum children Delicious food and Gift is a dream. But will it be possible. A meal and Gifts for 25 street poor children life will become a Golden memory.

Challenge:-The future of poor children in India living along the street and Slum is in darkness. Due to a lack of education these children have stolen loot, have addictions, and have gone the way of crime. Because alienating get them from all over the place. These children need love and guidance.

Solution:-Under this project, the Micro-project will provide street and Slum poor children Lunch, dinner and gifts given. There will be cutting of cake, face painting, driving electric cars, sharing of gifts, singing and dancing. The kids will have rice, meat, chicken and ice cream in their diet and a soft drink. Dinner and gifts for Street poor children life will become a golden memory.

Long-Term Impact:-BARNAMALA EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SOCIETY   ''Provide Gift and food to poor children in Kharagpur'' This exposure will enable kids relax, share gifts, share their experiences, and tell stories in a wonderful new environment outside home for one day with the BARNAMALA EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SOCIETY     volunteers. Dinner and gifts for Street poor children will become a golden memory. Everything we do for these kids now will never be erased from their memories

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