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My name is Sanjan and raising this fund for my short film named Hello...!

Me and my team have already created a short movie called AAKARSHITHA, its a kannada(Reginal language of Karnataka State) short film and its in Youtube you can watch it for our quality and that was our first try and we havelearnt many things and upgraded ourselves for this short film.

Hello...! This is a horror and suspense genre short film which happens in one night in one house with ore history of one year story which is an accident and that ends 4 lives.

Me and my friends tried to collect money from local business persons in which everyone showed their back.. We lost hope on talent and came to a decision that only money matter not the talent but atlast one of my friends suggested why dont we check some online fundraising websites and give a last try because from this short film many of our teammates will find a job and earn money to support their family.

Please people help me to create this short film and help us to make our future bright.

You people are only hope for our team now,

Hoping your help,

Thanking You

Sanjan M

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