Breaking the Taboo - Lifting the veil on Women Health Issues through Health Camps


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“Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.”
                                                                                                                                                            — Michelle Obama

A medical journal Lancet in 2015 stated that there were more than 45,000 deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth in the country. Through the diligent efforts of the government and several social and voluntary organizations, a positive change has been witnessed but there are many milestones still waiting to be achieved. With an objective to bring the focus back on women’s health and address the lack of awareness that has gripped the society, we are organizing Health Camps for women in rural areas.

The Veil of Shame

Women’s longer lives are not necessarily healthy lives. While poverty is an important barrier when it comes to outcomes related to health, it tends to yield a higher burden on women’s health due to biological actions like feeding practices or a social action of using unsafe cooking fuels. Unequal social standing, lack of access to information, care and basic health practices further increases the health risks for women. 

We, at Alankrita, believe that knowledge of female anatomy is vital from the time young girls begin to experience puberty, to their first sexual experience right through to motherhood and eventually the menopause. Without basic knowledge about the female body, it will be very difficult to expect women to know what to understand in terms of unexpected changes in their body or point out towards a deadly symptom. If we want to save lives, we need to initiate a conversation around how the female body works, the diseases and its causes as well as preventive measures.

Women in rural India are very shy when it comes to coming out and discussing the gynecological issues that they might be troubled with. With the lack of medical facilities in and around the villages and the scarcity of female doctors, it becomes all the more difficult for women to open up about these issues. As a result, these women end up not getting the right medical information, care and attention. Therefore, to break the taboo and help women openly discuss their overall health, we are organizing a Health Camp that will be conducted in two phases.

Straight-talking is vital

First stage of the camp will deal with initiating conversations with women of the villages to spread awareness regarding the importance of gynecological care and how if ignored, can lead to major illnesses. Our volunteers include young girls as well as older women who have been trained to be a listener as well as counselors to guide and help them out. 

In the second stage, we shall be approaching highly experienced gynecologists and social activists who are trained in the art of counselling and who will not only be friendly but also professional in their approach and interactions with the girls and women. They will be able to holistically cover the whole gamut of sex education, common gynae problems, reproductive health and childbirth followed by the process to nurture a newborn.  

How can you help:

The language of gynecological health has proved to be a major barrier for rural women. This initiative thus, require a wholehearted effort but due to cash crunch and limited resources we do not want our efforts to go in vain. For maximum impact, we need support from good samaritans like you, who would contribute towards our end-goal of a healthier world, for all of us.

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Because every woman, every newborn, everywhere has the right to knowledge and a great health!

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