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Hello everyone

 I am a Dietician/Nutritionist completed a Master degree in Nutrition science from Symbiosis International University Pune. After that I am working in the field of nutrition with a zeal to aware people about the food and the science behind it. And how your food can become your medicine and prevent you from all the lifestyle disorders. I am also the founder of my own online nutrition ventureTOTALNUTRITION@TULIKAS

 i have started an online approach to reach audience and teach them about this science..

 I have also given lectures on nutrition in corporates educating the employees for the same in their busy schedule  i have started an online approach to reach audience and teach them about this science..Recently I hav been selected into Nutrition and dietetics council as state president Maharashtra wherein I am responsible to teach train and aware people about diet, food and disease prevention.  I have an entire team of qualified nutritionists willing to work in this field to train and aware people about correct nutrition and eating habits. I wish to open a clinic cum training space in which i keep a consultation room for patients/people seeking nutritional advice. And also a training room wherein i will give presentation and nutrition talk and help people understand the way to eat.

People , we can prevent diseses like alzeimher's and cancer also by eating good and correct. Lifestyle disorders like diabetes obesity heart diseases can be reversed by functional food (food which work as a medicine) .

Help me reach my goal and bring a disease free society. 

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