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I have created www.headkic.co, spent money INR 10,00,000  i had in my savings and took help from my family and friends, being selected among top 100 startups at startup turkey which i could not attend due to shortage of funds and selected to go to hive workshop but unfortunately i have to give it up due to the same. But now i need to invest in the online platform, www.headkick.co for it's further development as i am paying monthly rentals for API's i have rented and team of 4 developers who are involved in it. The main purpose of Headkick is to provide every single thing related to Football in exchange of which users will get Merchandises , football players can upload their profiles by which International scouts can call them up for trials, to remove hurdles caused by middlemen specially in developing countries, providing them points is to encourage the users to follow the game.

 My purpose in life is to provide and assist in creating opportunities in various field in which global leaders or institutions envisage, by extending their resources as to nurture the unnourished but due to not getting an access to proper middleware, the connection or the desired result are not reached. I believe that i have an obligation to channelise the resource in the proper direction by possible means to help any party or receiver to reach the ultimate destination. My Dream is to create an ease and comfort way of achieving desired results as to avoid unnecessary hurdles faced by the mass in developing countries. To create such an environment as to achieving their dreams is restricted or limited to working hard, the resourceful planet is free of manipulation and discrimination which puts an end to major of the dreams, irrespective of gender, race, religion, caste, creed. For rest of my life i want to make such a change such as providing a base to people to encourage them in life, as i have recently started this online platform, www.headkick.co which is the first step towards my contribution and only a small part of my dream to remove the hardship for the people, which i have faced. It is related to football but in the future i shall expand to other fields as well.

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