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Hi, I am Tejasvita Dhawan and if you're receiving this message, you are someone who I believe is a well wisher.

I was informed that I got accepted to attend the Harvard Project For Asian and International Relations this week. While I'm thrilled to be selected from such wide pool of international students, ever since I've been in a major dilemma. As much as I would love to attend this conference, as the cause speaks to me, it is difficult for me to generate that kind of money. I am a third year law student raised by a single mom. I am someone deeply interested in the field of Human rights and International Law, and wish to work in the field in my own capacity. I have worked in allied fields in the past, and I believe I have the capacity to bring about real change in the lives of others. I believe in standing up for the right causes, and I believe that attending this conference at such prestigious institution would go a long way in supporting my ambitions. 

I have been supported throughout my educational life by my Mother single-handedly , but I have decided that this step is something that I wish to take independently to prove to myself my own capabilities and fulfill expectations from self. 

I am trying out other ways of financing my studies and I have even applied for funding through my college and even though I am waiting to hear from them it does not cover any major costs.

Breakup of finances:

Registration  Fee: INR 35,000/-

Accommodation fee: INR 25,000/-

Living Expenses: INR 30,000/-

Travel Expenses: 50,000/-

Visa Fee: 9,000/-

Total Expenditure: INR 1,49,000/-

Finances Arranged:

Savings: 30,000/-

It would be a massive help if I could generate some funds to sponsor this trip as the registration alone costs $500. This conference will help me immensely in my career as I have keen interest in Humanitarian Affairs see my career focused  on International Rights issues.

I am a 3rd year Law student at University School Of Law and Legal studies, GGSIPU, Delhi, India and being raised by a single mom I very well understand that nothing comes for free but I believe that there is no shame in asking for help and it is a sign of integrity and strength.

If you believe I am worthy of your financial support I request you to please contribute towards this fund of mine. I am willing to answer any queries, give any accounts, and show where the money is being utilized, but most importantly I shall be forever thankful for whatever contribution you make from your end. I would also urge you to send across this mail to people who you think know me or you can communicate my message to, who would be willing to help in whatever way possible.

Any and every contribution is worth a while. Thankyou for taking time to read my story. :)

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