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Dear Readers, My name is Devaraj.D and I am writing this with a heavy heart hoping to keep my ever active and adventurous ten years old nephew alive with your help. Sushanth.M (Hospital No: AA421981) is fighting hard to keep himself alive from Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia (Blood cancer) with T-cell. My sister had come home when she was carrying and expecting her delivery in a few days. The day he was born(19/06/2007) had brought a lot of joy and happiness in our family. I was ecstatic and amazed to see my little nephew, Sushanth at our home. This happiness did not last long, as Sushanth lost his mother when he was just 3 months old(12/10/2007)and his father abandoned him to get married within one month of his wife’s death. Along with my mother, we decided to take Sushanth with us and I had developed a special bond with him since then. He is very inquisitive and has always surprised me with his creativeness. After I got married, my wife filled the lacunae of his mom for Sushanth. I and my wife had dreamed a bright future for him; he was very studious at school and had drawn great affection from his teachers and friends alike. He has unique trait wherein he gets along with people very well and believes in everyone with a second thought. Our dreams were shattered eight months ago when we learned about his illness.(03/03/2017) My family and my friends have been a great support for me during these tough days. Without their support I could not have fought all odds to provide him the support I can during his treatments. It was indeed a very difficult moment for everyone in our family, even in our not so good financial situation; we have put-in all our savings collected penny by penny for his treatment so that we can see Sushanth recover from this life threating disease. Sushanth has undergone multiple chemotherapies and a brain Biopsy, which was detected after his first chemotherapy. After series of successful chemotherapies, Sushanth had undergone final radiation treatment in second week of November. Having completed all the treatments, everyone in our family were hoping Sushanth to have been cured of blood cancer. However adding to our misery, Sushanth had a relapse of blood Cancer with bone marrow transplant being the only option to save his life. Currently he is hospitalized at Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Hebbal, Bangalore awaiting financial aid required for bone marrow transplantation and cost is estimated to be a minimum of Rs. 20,00,000 to 25,00,000. I am in deep financial distress after having spent all my savings for his treatments in the last ten months. Especially in the last ten months I was able to give Sushanth the support physically and psychologically during his treatment. I was shocked, when Sushanth asked me how I will be financing the money required for his bone marrow treatment. I told him to believe in God and the people our around us. It is a terrible moment to see our loved one’s die in front of us and unable to save them. I definitely do not wish to be in that situation. Please help me to reaffirm the belief of my nephew in God and the people around him. The only option left now for me is funding from people who are good at heart like you. Please help us raise the required amount by clicking on the “Donate” button and/or sharing this fundraiser with family and friends. We are grateful to your help. If in case you are not able assist us in monetary terms, please give us your heartfelt wishes and blessing for Sushanth for a speedy recovery. Thanks again for taking time to read through this.

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