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Greener Earth

Greener Earth

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Greetings, I seek your involvement in supporting proactive actions towards creating and sustaining a better environment  using simple technology that would benefit for now and generations to come.

Greener Earth (Serve Nature, Celebrate Humanity) :

Empower and Engage enthusiasts in sustaining and expanding the green footprint in and around their habitat using simple technology, social media and games based on the principle of complimenting with available talent and resources.


Better life for us and generation Next, is an initiative towards

1) Restoring greenery using simple technology

2) Developing a self sustained organization committed to promoting green habitats

3) Providing a means of survival/basic life to the unemployed

4) An opportunity for the Urban population to connect deeper with Nature and by compassionate service

5) Expanding environmental awareness for children and urban population using AR games and social platforms

:: Why ::

The era of industrialization has eased life at the cost of natural harmony, leading to issues such as global warming, deforestation and polluted air/water. And that's not a  problem for nature, but for humanity. Let's hold ourselves accountable to restore greenery and generate as much O2 as we breathe.

:: How ::

In India (descendant of an ancient culture), there's a belief that planting a mango or coconut saplings when a boy/girl is born ushers prosperity to children (and hence engaging masses in sustaining greenery and supplies). The proposal is to leverage,

1)  Augmented Reality based mobile applications and games to connect children and urban population to nature

      Planting is just the first step. Ensuring plants get necessary care by driving crowds to water, cultivate, fertilize plants around them or en- route to picnics, tours etc will be the key to ensure plant growth. The app will allow adoption of plant/tree care by providing necessary information, tips and timely reminders.

2) Geo marking of potential areas using maps for planting and growing trees in consultation with experts

     The app by using GPS will provide earning opportunity to rural population wherein they will be paid for

     a)  Identifying land suitable for growing trees,

     b)  Attending to plant care (watering, fertilizing, pruning, fencing) as a one time activity or term contracts

3) Social platform to sponsor/adopt, visually track and contribute to plant growth (weekly care system)

     a) Service is a virtue and publicizing the contributions on social media adds to self worth, pride

     b) Using the above, donors will be sought to adopt trees from inception (seeding) to full growth

     c) Simple devices will help with tracking and monitoring plant care and healthy growth

     d) Sponsors can flag for consultation/expert advice where needed

     e) Health monitoring system/database using image processing powered by AI(artificial intelligence( systems hosted on a cloud

:: When ::

This is a one year project towards building an NGO with a team of software developers (Architect, app/AI development experts, developers and interns), an online-marketing/campaign promotion team. All activities (incl financial) will be transparent to investors and marked by milestones. The program will be initially covered for regions in Karnataka and gradually expanded to other states and  countries (developing).

Rs 40 Lakhs for raising NGO and software development, validation and promotion

Rs 20 Lakhs to promote initial adoption of programmes by rural population until urban funding/adoption flows in.


ISHA Foundation's Project Green Hands,


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