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  • Donate to move 2000 children out of poverty.  Win a chance to meet your favorite Bollywood celebrity!
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#GivingGoals is an initiative where 18 Bollywood celebrities including Abhishek Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and Dino Morea come together to play charity football matches against many celebrity teams. These celebrities are coming together to raise funds for children and youth living in extreme poverty in India. The funds raised will help such children and young people to join a Magic Bus programme that will move them out of poverty. This fundraiser campaign is to reach out to more people like you and give them an opportunity to join this movement with these celebrities to ensure children move out of poverty. What is more exciting is that by donating to this campaign you will get an opportunity to win a chance to meet your favorite celebrity.

Magic Bus Foundation has put in 19 years at the grass-root level to help over 400,000 children across 22 States and 4000 communities in India. 10,000 youth have been trained and placed in secure, organized work thereby improving their chances to move out of poverty. Brainchild of Matthew Spacie, the organization has been fighting against poverty by ensuring children and young adults complete schooling and have the right skill sets to get a job in the organized sector.

Meet Nazmeen. She lives in one of the many slum clusters in the capital city of Delhi. A 17-year-old Nazmeen sits near a candle to study for her exam. With a father who gambled away most of his pitiful earnings and a mother who was forced to work as domestic help to sustain the family, Nazmeen knew that education was the only route out of the menacing poverty they lived in. Her elder sister had been married off at the age of 18 and Nazmeen feared the same fate. Her family was already against her dreams of pursuing her education further. But Nazmeen topped her exams and won a scholarship to go to college. She enrolled in a distance-learning programme and continued studying in secret.

But her family soon found out and threatened to get her married.Nazmeen thought that this was an end to all her dreams. That’s when she met Pooja from Magic Bus. Pooja enrolled Nazmeen at one of Magic Bus’ Livelihoods Centre and convinced her family to let her continue her education. In 2015, Nazmeen was offered a job at HDFC with a salary of Rs. 10,000/month, highest anyone has earned in her family so far. Many children like Nazmeen who are forced into child labor or child marriage or have to drop out of school or are left unemployed and unempowered, are often turned into mere statistics and reports and forgotten.

Magic Bus Foundation has been working for 18 long years to reach out to young boys and girls from rural villages to urban slums, and empower them through education and skill training. This fundraiser will help mobilize supporters, fans, and philanthropists from around the world to support this movement by accepting contributions online.

The impact so far

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  1. Help 1 girl to complete secondary education and avoid child marriage - INR. 18,000/-
  2. Help 1 young person to get skill training and a gainful job - INR. 12,000/-
  3. Help 2 girls to learn better for one year - INR. 6,000/-
  4. Help 1 child to learn better for one year - INR. 3,000/-