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Giving It Back to Kids (GIBTK) is a 501 (c) (3) based in the United States. We are a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping kids and young adults achieve their maximum potential through medical care, education, nutrition and love. We have been licensed to work in Vietnam for 14 years, and have been based in Danang, Vietnam since 2002.
Our projects are throughout Vietnam, providing heart, orthopedic and eye surgery, education, construction, distributing wheelchairs, homes for orphans and less-fortunate children and a home for unwed mothers. As well as community outreach programs.



Vietnam has one of the top abortion rates in the world. It leads Asia in teen abortions. An unplanned pregnancy brings great shame for the family and the single girl. As once told by a govt. official, without your program, a girl who “finds” herself in this situation, must either get rid of the baby or move to a new city on her own.  She then must find a way to support herself and her future child. Imagine a young girl, pregnant, poor and a new city alone.


We first provide girls in crisis a safe place to live and medical care during an unplanned pregnancy. Once a child is born, there is proper care for the child & mom. These young mothers then complete their education or training to transform their lives and be able to raise their child with financial and emotional dignity.  We work to establish a safe environment for them to identify and share their feelings. They are equipped with life skills, parenting skills and emotional health knowledge to process their emotions

Almost 60 babies were saved since this program’s establishment. Most moms have a job after completing the program and can support them-self and their child.  Some have married and have families.  Their life and their babies’ lives have been completely transformed. Many former moms come back to visit and share about their current life. They play the role of elder sisters and bring hope and guidance to girls in similar circumstances they once experienced.

Fund Utilization:

Our crowd-funding goal is to raise up to US$8,000. Below is a breakdown of this US$ 8,000  (It is not a total budget but a goal for this crowd funding campaign) (This amount covers just under 2 months of expenses at the Father’s House for 12 girls)

Details Amount
US$ 2000
House Rental Cost
US$ 3000
US$ 678.73
Clothes and equipment for infants
US$ 452.99
Electricity and water
US$ 1064.17
Supplies for daily living
US$ 8000
Total Amount

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