Giving IDENTITY and DIGNITY to people without proper address

By Gaurav Agarwal

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My travel to the UK from India made me realise the importance of a proper address. Almost everything from school, to healthcare, to travel, to bank account, apps is uniquely linked with 'postcode'. You just can't think of living without a postcode in UK. Basically all services are at your doorsteps if you have a postcode. This is not so in the case of India. We in India have a PINCode system that covers avg. 82 km2, which is not good enough. That is, 80-90% of the population, around 1 billion people  don't have access to basic services and amenities due to poor or no address. 

This made me to come up with a postcode alike code for India called 'BhugolID' by logically and smartly extending the common language, PINCode. Now every person in India will have a legit unique, accurate, standard, short postal address using technology. Its a data intensive solution and will need to mobilise different organisations, people, ministries and therefore will need money to have it generated and accepted.

The idea is to uniquely link people's dwelling with other basic and national services e.g. a bank account, voter's card, ration card, healthcare, police, land registration etc. 

We are in touch with Ministry of Rural development and Department of Posts to make this a living reality.

Your contribution will be needed to link up all services to the people and thus give a well deserved Identity.

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